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Hotel Huangshan Beihai (Beihai Hotel Huangshan), Das Hotel befindet sich in Beihai landschaftlich mit einer Höhe von 1630 Meter. Es wurde in 1958 gegründet und untersteht Huangshan Tourismus Development Co., Ltd.Hinter dem Berg Gongyang, Shizi Gipfel vorne, Shixin Gipfel auf der rechten und Danxia Gipfel auf der linken Seite, das Hotel genießt Sonnenaufgang, Sonnenuntergang, Meer der Wolken, Songtao und schöne Landschaft von Huangshan.
Beihai Hotel ist die Empfangseinheit von Huangshan malerischen Bereich. Nach mehreren Renovierungen und Erweiterungen, besteht es derzeit aus Sanhua Jinghe, Hauptgebäude, Gongyang Bergvilla, Shuguang Holzhaus und Gebäude 8, bedeckt einen Bereich von 26.6 mu, mit einem Gebäudebereich von etwa 15982 Quadratmetern. Es hat mehr als 200 Zimmer verschiedener Art, die die Bedürfnisse von Gästen verschiedener Verbrauchsstufen erfüllen können.
Das Hotel verfügt über zwei große Restaurants, von denen das Restaurant im zweiten Stock hauptsächlich für die Bestellung und Self-Service-Funktionen verantwortlich ist, und das Restaurant im ersten Stock ist vor allem für die Teamempfang verantwortlich, die etwa 500 Personen zur gleichen Zeit aufnehmen kann.Das Hotel verfügt über zwei große Boxen, die mit langen Tischen für separate Mahlzeiten, fünf andere Boxen mit verschiedenen Sorten platziert werden können, und 22-Personen können im runden Tisch der Box sitzen.Das Hotel ist hauptsächlich auf authentische HUICAI, die aus Huangshan lokalen Rohstoffen hergestellt wird, die die charakteristische Küche des Beihai Hotel.
Als Hauptempfänger der Regierung an der malerischen Stelle hat das Hotel im Laufe der Jahre viele Parteiführer und Staatsoberhäupter, Innen- und Auslandspolitiker und Prominente empfangen und sein hochwertiger Service wurde weithin gelobt.Im Laufe der Jahre hat das Hotel viele Ehrentitel gewonnen, wie zum Beispiel 'Top Ten Tourist Star Hotels in der Provinz Anhui', 'Integrity Quality Star Hotels', 'chinesische Markenhotels', 'Evergreen historic classic hotels', 'excellent star hotels', 'golden leaf green tourist hotels', etc., und hat hervorragende Leistungen in verschiedenen Bewertungen von Provinzen, Städten und landschaftlichen Punkten erhalten.'Besuchen Sie die schöne Landschaft des Huangshan Mountain und leben Sie in Beihai, um den Service der nationalen Gäste zu genießen'.
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  • paipai
    To the hope hotel, feeling is your overall environment, facilities, health and good, bed was very comfortable, sheet cleaning is pick pick to wash down the Hill, services, check out very quickly, more foreigners live. Hateful rooms across a gang of orbital **, 1 o'clock in the morning dozens of men took turns in a wash room, sorting equipment, boiling water, instant noodles, whole until 2:30 in here! Finished at 7 o'clock in the morning dozens of men beganToss until 10 o'clock noon! didn't rest well to them alive, the most exasperating is heard the door within 10 hours, compared to more than 10 years to hear more!
  • appledreamer
    Environment is good although the quilt room clean up soon to luggage! in addition to not providing disposable toiletries and towels that price also understands that although not as sunrise in the Mountain Huangshan trip was satisfactory
  • liangjiong
    Booked a cabin area is not too big, the night is cold and wet. Mountain hotels are on the way, will not be good to go.
  • fourvi
    It's OK.
  • during21
    Prices slightly higher
  • crystaljj1
    Rooms at six room, rooms are small, but very cozy, dormitory, room amenities also are available, the room can be opened very adequate heating, rain up and down the mountain, but the room is not tidal.
  • latin768
    Toilet no towels no toothbrush and no shower gel shampoo
    The location is very good ... service is in place, customers need to be able to meet ... can live up in the mountains the hotel was awesome.
  • jiangxin1986
    Hotel location is very good, but the room is too poor, heat is not hot and is worn down to sleep at night, just when TV set-top box or worse. Won't stay
  • yogalp
    Over more than 800 booked a standard room in the evening, November is not high season, toothbrushes, shower gel are not, it's not cheating you? call to ask the front desk saying where they are, what? bad review
  • ljcliff
    First visit to Huangshan, known mountain resources, accommodations will be unsatisfactory, but overall okay. Bill is the way the waiter pulled
  • drtwe
    Other services are very good, rooms are too old, or bad air conditioning, take the kids to freezing at night.
  • e00106531
    To tell the truth still well above my imagination
  • linda901230
    Hotel is OK, like four stars. on the Hill, nice, you can watch the Sunrise the next morning, only a few.
  • jam6688
    Hot water can, hard beds, linen quilts dirty dirty. against the night.
  • blueroad
    End of the efficiency, service bad, eating expensive, disposable toothbrush does not offer, not even shampoo provided. in order to protect the environment does not provide a disposable toothbrush, shampoo and combs should provide
  • aoocoo
    Expensive expensive expensive expensive, 51, room is tiny, with only two beds. service is very good especially the room service, very good. at the top of light below, and is satisfied with the
  • e04966081
    On the Hill
  • Netscafe
    At the top, nice!
  • samono
    Location is very good, anyway, one night hotel on a hill not too demanding. Sunrise is very convenient, ropeway up playing all the way to the hotel is not far, put down the luggage go Grand Canyon relaxed ... recommend
  • D03073215
    Hotel services and health very good, was the third time stay.
  • casfer
    North Sea Hotel in Hou mountain, we line 6 people, just package has a room, room is small, but quilt also line. bathroom are OK, really of nothing special to said of. Mountain Shang on that several hotel, if wants to see sunrise on live North Sea. breakfast 70 Yuan a a people of buffet, than row cloud Pavilion to your many. but see Sunrise words go more than 10 more points on to place has, live other place to up good early, go good far, so also is worth of.
  • terance1971
    Mountain hotel but expensive
  • temple
    Location is visible, imposing appearance, called here, the surrounding environment good, quiet ... because of the long build time, indoor facility is a little old. White Goose Ridge (the upper end of the cloud Valley Temple cable) 1 hour.
  • babylinda_lee
    In General! in the other place is not worth the price!
  • bellaclover
    Overall clean and tidy, good location!
  • Yoyo Mu Mu
    In addition to a bit expensive, others are very good! if I recommend my friends to Huangshan Beihai hotel!
  • lby1968
    Accommodation conditions also is can of, but this of accommodation let we was pleasure of mood suddenly on down has. four room price your, environment facilities space should than six room good, loose. but we finished sunset back found housing in two Zhang bed live has four a people, also including a a male of. I suddenly on anger has. climbed has day of mountain, was to good rest of. this make have more not convenient. This pieces things, North Sea Hotel and staying of people are has responsibility. staying Shi no clear identity andNumbers. our quadruple room turned into a six-room. to stay and I want to say that people from a very early age with gender differences awareness of people who are 20 years old, had also been regarded him as a four or five year old baby do? it we finally settled, but this seriously affects our mood and the rest.
  • juanyang2011
    Environment and aging facilities, the price is too high, no toiletries
  • bennata
    You can also, with private bathroom
  • linpinfu
    Next time will still be scheduled.
  • aimevivian
    Hot water OK. other General.
  • darcy0791
    Say no more, multi room, from the appearance point of view, is a very nice hotel on Huangshan
  • ruddy0120
    Which is very nice
  • brantxu
    Huangshan mountain features wooden houses standard rooms as expensive on the Hill: this is nice.
  • lmmn2010
    Made of a single layer on a hillside squatter huts, connected rooms are not too good, no air conditioning, heating and other facilities, which is narrower than the normal environment, consider the mountain to praise!
  • Joey0804
    Poor health conditions, cabin, built across from the hotel, is a line of a row of bungalows, more bugs, mind don't stay, service is horrible, don't feel any service
  • Oriental
    Price made it, of course, not to say that. room although some congestion, heating, TV, lights, jugs, cups have. of course, only just didn't wash, bath towels, and need to bring your own. six people one can talk, make friends, it's good. six-Member or travel
  • afternoon123
    It's not bad
  • youarewolf
    In spring and autumn, it's good, it is estimated that winter can't, it's too cold, toilet not very well, smelly, shower is too comfortable! hot and the heat really well. climb back after a hot bath is so comfortable!
  • fuxf78
    That's good.
  • clareling
    Four room, still relatively affordable.
  • stella870731
    The location was excellent, the door is to be imaginative, is the narrow point, also recommended increased room heater, drying clothes.
  • anderdon
    Price your rooms are small health
  • ccwx2050
    Single shop feeling alone is not particularly good, only have hot water in the evening, eating much more expensive than Lion Grove on the edge, or to a separate booking is better.
  • alexia_yu
    Location is very good, though wooden did not feel cold, and cloud-a bit compared to the ping, but as the cloud Ping House is newly renovated, extenuating circumstances.
  • Carewind
    Very good 5 star standard.
  • fredawangyafei
    Could have such a room in the mountains, conditions are good.
  • A6011
    Can such a hotel in the mountains well away from all the attractions of both CHAN-a?
  • annie2bb
    It's OK