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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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住客评论 3656条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • cssdliuxia
    Very good recommend
  • AmyLP
    Good recommend. does not support checking out good.
  • litata
    Nice hehe
  • babydogcom
    Bunk bed is too firm
  • adai47
    Best hotel on the Hill, watching the sunrise in the morning is very convenient, Huangshan mountain scenery is beautiful
  • jsnfsn
    Huangshan Shang hotel are is your, known as four star actual than mountain Xia Samsung. around landscape is good, from North Sea of views attractions is near, to West effect near, to Qian mountain effect far. room no air conditioning, only heater, mattress is thin, November mountain Shang night only 4-5 degrees, really not know again cold some guest how sleep? taps just put hot Shi temperature is low, call waiter said to more put while water temperature to rose up, probably to half more hours. seems mountain Shang most not deficiency of is water... Hotel is probably the mountain next to other consumer prices twice.
  • lucaya
    Lived in log cabins, a little wave, but the House has heating, very warm, very good location, good, but very quiet at night.
  • GG-all 1979
    Veteran here, is quite good, eat on the mountain is very expensive and must be prepared to do it!
  • beginer2001
    Nothing to be desired in this condition
    The service was pretty minimal from the front desk. Usual lack of any extra help we have found in most hotels in China. Helpful but only if you push and ask the questions, no offer of help independently. Prefer to play on phones :)
  • tianxie2725
    Holidays don't travel, expensive and looks at all.
  • tina6
    The poor
  • deguang
    OK book not good room
  • wei wei
    Hotel location super good, room clean comfortable, has hot open Kettle slippers, no one-time wash supplies (environmental), no wet of feel. room has cotton clothing, morning see sunrise without worried cold. but has a shortcomings, is downstairs restaurant a fire, row fan of noise is big, and has is big of fuel furnace emissions of exhaust taste, hope Hotel improved related facilities.
  • anddy
    Mountain horse some understandable price shouldn't cost so much, rely on natural resource wealth is China's sorrow, price, natural resources should make all shares.
  • jiangweimama
    Satisfaction is expensive.
  • montu
    It was a room with six beds and a own bathroom. Okey for only one night and for this price.
  • p139193
    Mountain really is generally slightly ~ especially of you desperately! impressions about 100 potatoes ~ amazing, do not understand the market ~
  • l22222
    Room was very clean, the almost everything, I live in the bed, towel and toiletries are from bands, slippers is not a one-off, a friend of mind also comes with suggestions, I go out has always been to bring
  • songtao_1981
    Location was good, bed was so old and needed replacing!
  • alicealex
    Nice, easy and delicious!
  • alexlin729
    Not bad,
  • missingxx
    Hotel location is better, but older travel hair dryer was broken that night did not shampoo and shower gel price is higher, but the scenery in Huangshan is very beautiful
  • e02180461
    Poor sanitation conditions are poor poor service attitude even of limited resources should not comment on four stars! Speechless
  • lucyge2313
    General hotel condition is more expensive, but because in the mountains are also reasonable prices
  • rany516
    Scenery around the hotel is very good
  • wangfenfen002
    I stayed in their dormitory for a night, I knew I was just needing a place to sleep however they don't even provide towels nor soap for their bunk bed guests. Service was also lacking
  • Canonbond
    Never thought I would get was satisfied with this hotel is mainly convenient cable and not far from main area
  • elinorl
    The surrounding scenery is very good, service was good!
  • aarnold
    Wood-frame bed has safety concerns, who required bed bunk beds bed frame, otherwise it might dump down. no clothes in the room.
  • Steven FUNG
    From yungu ropeway near North Sea landscape surrounding the hotel is very beautiful, hotel facilities, reception staff unfriendly.
  • alei0707
    North Sea veteran hotel. at see Sunrise convenient live of, front desk attitude also line. room noise super poor, midnight was moved has Chair in corridor chat, noisy of a night didn't sleep good. are in lion forest dinner, not know North Sea taste how. but lion forest supermarket attitude too poor. summary, North Sea can select staying. Lion forest should good. see Sunrise are is convenient, standard between are has distribution free down jacket.
  • andysen
    Room was small, affordable to eat, but dining is too expensive, the surrounding environment is really good, this time you can see Sunrise and sunset
  • magella
    Unmatched experience in Huangshan, comfortable and warm
  • dy-971
    Dirty carpet is garbage, linen towels were stained, eating expensive, vegetable 50-60, sorry prices in 1269.
  • fangyuan1209
    Only has Chinese restaurant, but location is very good.
  • DLange
    Hotel facilities hotel prices, but it was in the mountains, you can understand, Basic you
  • bbbww
    Environment clean is very satisfied with little sleep was very good to see the sunrise in the morning with only 50 meters to the shuguang Ting 150 m to cool and super convenient. meals are more expensive but are stick men pick on, or reasonable, and a large quantity of delicious
  • liuyapeng1962
    This is a minimum cost of hotel I have stayed in a standard room. bathing, sleeping, down jacket to see sunrise.
  • ning2024
    'S near the cable car station, location facilities, simple rooms everywhere is wet especially bedding no air-conditioned dining room is more expensive in General
  • edogawaconan
    Is not inside the building at Beihai hotel, cabin, room smaller. overall is quite satisfactory, except for the wireless
  • lovebulldog
    Which is very nice!
  • e02190563
    All right
  • m00020711
    It wasn't too bad
  • angeleyes
    Twilight cabin is independent from outside the hotel and take the small room, unpleasant taste, very old and very old! not cheap and not good, not recommended! you are staying in a hotel room or tent!
  • fu_jianping
    Winter and students 2 a people with to of Huangshan, from cloud ancient temple ropeway (Hou mountain) Shang of, Saturday mountain descendants pour not more, from ropeway to North Sea Hotel walk almost half more hours, four a people squeeze a between double bed standard between, price instead than live while dormitories high! in mountain Shang is good of conditions has, is some furniture are is old has.
  • gegewang2006
    Good, that is 11 is too expensive
  • dingdou88
    Hotel in mountain Shang North Sea scenic, we from Hou mountain cloud Valley Temple ropeway Shang, ropeway to white ling, down zhihou by shixin arrived North Sea Hotel, feel is from cloud Valley Temple ropeway recently of mountain Shang hotel, way go go stopped stopped probably one hours on can arrived. Hotel 11 points can staying, will luggage put part on can to other attractions has. Second World line can by light top to Qian mountain ropeway down. we live of hotel standard between in main building five floor, health conditions can, bathroom hot is goodAnd there is a bathtub, sat down in the tub and soak in a foot very comfortable at night. no toiletries provided, need to bring your own. two down in the room, you can watch the Sunrise the next morning. no heating in the room, nor the so-called dryer, more humid in the mountains.
  • doublelan
    Cabins clean and relatively high cost
  • alexwang
    Yellow mountain, seem to be much choice, staff busy, no time for you, but, after all, is one of the hotels in Huangshan, overall nothing to chance to remind later, hotel toiletries