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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • pxf2000
    Couldn't ask for more in the top, no toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and other necessities have
  • xuwenyuan881230
    Nice hotel facilities in General, feeling old, good service attitude.
  • Aimpoint
    Very good, clean and comfortable, breakfast very good, so eager to guide our way, so we were able to go is not the wrong way, location is good, is a good location for Sunrise, but it was cloudy in the morning didn't look at sunrise, good luck!
  • xuanlos
  • bennben
    Dinner is a word you! But in the mountains it is out. Down jacket free of charge in room
  • bearc
    Good location, clean bedding. 50 to build hotels, can maintain this level is really good. is twice times the other nearby restaurants restaurant price, but taste good, the key is half cold and half hot, don't know if it's cooked in advance and then heated in the microwave oven.
  • sunrise0128
    Due to the quadruple bunk, hardware is OK, but you can't control and you live, last snore you awake. Hao lives over more than 700 rooms
  • lannie
    Good location, environment and diet I
  • e01301144
    Room was small, but very nice. the main bathroom door massage is not convenient, the other can also
  • cepf2005
    Hotel in the mountains in the North Sea, environment is good, room comfortable and clean, room wardrobe free down jacket, went out early in the morning to watch the sunrise. but cool to watch the sunrise.
  • mac_ams
    Have lived is the second hotel in the North Sea, from the North Sea, the hotel is convenient for the nearby famous attractions are, basically can be reached in a few minutes on foot, very good, also have a good facility, on top of the level.
  • Scottfeng
    Xiao GUI, but can understand, on top of a mountain to build a hotel easy? also, eating not as unbearable as some people say, like our family 2 meat dishes, vegetarian meals, probably more than 240 Yuan, I feel very good ... tastes good.
  • smmuxb
    Huangshan sunrise on good hotel, great location, but because in the mountains so we don't have too much on the other hard, overall is good, thank you
  • crouse1990
    Hotel night outside very quiet, mountain in moisture big quilt somewhat wet wet of can understanding, bathroom no wash supplies, is cannot understanding, facilities old, feet was bed Shang highlight to of nail designated has, room noise poor, night next door of TV voice is noisy, OK front desk timely solution has, but morning and was next door of TV sound, JI crooked of talk sound wake, depressed.
  • ruyinbby718
    Comfort and service, there is the top for some time
  • Celine
    There is nothing to say, area of the hotel, so be it, is expensive and bad
  • andyboy
    Hotel is located in the vicinity of wonderfully attractions, good location, tourists on the mountain, after the cableway under half an hour you can reach. the facilities in the hotel three-star standard, especially down jacket for tourists to see the Sunrise is to use
  • tripsman
    Also nice
  • gloriadingming
    Chinese new year, people also are able to get good, is acting slow, my family were waiting at the front desk for a long time, so order early
  • lxx19862004
    Sisters swam, quadruple bed to sleep was a college dorm feel, moisture is the mountain, some taste, but lived in the mountain not too demanding. morning light to see the sunrise will be lighting a path, very good! recommended
  • jessie-d
    Room was very good, on a Hill has been very good to have this condition, the price is acceptable.
  • jun986
    Which is very nice.
  • fang4746066
    Outdoor environment is very good, is convenient for the Sunrise, is the room is a bit small in room with bathroom odors, poor sound insulation
  • my5197879
    Dawn cottage, opposite the main building, the wooden decoration, very wild flavors, spend the night on the mountain here is quite an interesting choice. Poor soundproofing, mind their own ear plugs; Hot water in the morning, for a long time to heat up, wasted guilt burst in the water table.
  • JIE6866
    Room is very moist, but to see the Sunrise, great location!
  • janice_806
    High season prices are also identified, health is too poor, special bathroom a foul odor, a musty room. dining hall price. Fortunately, the Lion Hotel dining affordably.
  • gantian
    Better than you think, scenic hinterland, do not ask, recommended not recommended is that several exclusive hotels.
    In the scenic mountain, the hotel is a bit old, but the attractions are concentrated, to watch the sunrise.
  • landseer
    Heating limit of time, a bit cold ... good location
  • jdm003236
    Live of 7,801 late of standard between, feel General's, health also can, facilities General, in mountain Xia also on more than 100 more of price on can live Shang has, helpless is in mountain Shang, material scarce also can accept, main is didn't want to let children suffer, has a sleep a good sleep of place. other no highlights, window is another a between House of Windows, got have is near can't ventilation, is compared quiet, no noisy. we a three mouth is once upon a mountain mountain, I personal think live here also is good of,Day of time play has Qian mountain, West Grand Canyon, six o'clock in the evening arrived hotel, despite somewhat tired, but see has many beauty, because we once upon a mountain Shang of when has been is cloudy, then mountain in rain,, we fast to rain just and stopped has, so basic didn't how encountered fog, don't too believes online of Raiders, actually Qian mountain Shang of benefits is without queued, not like Hou mountain glazing sat a tramway are to, two or three hours, because 80% or 90% are from Hou mountain Shang, is took, Qian mountain to North Sea although far has points, but people has been is in movement in the, without, without queued, and second days of trip relative on easily some has, we second days is from North Sea walk down of, about 2.5 hours, province has tramway of costs also appreciate has down of views, is good. provides to is mountain of people do reference. addition reminded Pro-are mountain without with coat, room in has free provides of down jacket, note wear Shi protection good on line has, damaged has to buckle 50 Yuan money.
  • wangsa21
    As it is!
  • e00023503
    Very good location, especially from the mountain after me very convenient. more comfort is down, watching the sunrise in the morning very practical. such conditions are good in the mountains.
  • boliwaer
    Had to said sanitation is good of, than imagine in the good. four star, mountain Shang conditions after all cannot and mountain Xia than. but really of can said is clean health. toilet no odor. bed slightly small, after all mountain Shang to less's. waiter attitude also is good. North Sea was is most for views King of place, but this weather reasons only see cloud has. has hair dryer machine, has slippers, seems to no dental. but I has is satisfaction has
  • juden151
    Stay the first night in the mountains, even though each room for 6 people, but with wood, feel good, health is also very good, got up early to watch the Sunrise is also very convenient, highly recommended.
  • DLange
    Hotel facilities hotel prices, but it was in the mountains, you can understand, Basic you
  • xiangyiwei
    Hotel is located at the mountain, lift up after half an hour to go to room 11:30 noon to check sleeping NAP to the xihai Grand Canyon, mountain after checking out the next morning. If you want to eat, then you can go to a nearby lion forest on the Hill Hotel, value for money than high.
  • sprin
    The room is a little old, pays well, overall okay
  • cindybin
    Expensive, poor configuration, four-star hotel toiletries are not. asked the waiter said no, needed his buy. Mountain mosquito, mosquito products or, in short, is to let you buy, and price is below 5 times on the Hill times
  • montu
    It was a room with six beds and a own bathroom. Okey for only one night and for this price.
  • yududu
    Surroundings, needless to say, fresh air, but no toothbrush, toothpaste, other good, the price is slightly higher!
  • yuttao
    Flowers are five-star prices in the city, living in the so-called four-star hotel on the Hill. There are a lot of dead cockroach in the room, it's disgusting, toilets are also easy to use. but a way to see the porters carry all the supplies to the mountain difficult, can't ask for too much. the service also.
  • lucyge2313
    General hotel condition is more expensive, but because in the mountains are also reasonable prices
  • CarryJJ
    All right
  • Iris_ma
    Very good very clean, mountain high cost performance
  • donggua0717
    Everything the old hotel, but it's so modern, not so new
  • asurgeon
    It's OK, not bad. very expensive to eat.
  • cjf89
    Conditions well. also down jacket provides.
  • bobo2025
    Local monopolies, have to live
  • jinlan3010
    If from Hou mountain mountain, North Sea Hotel of location quite good, and can see Sunrise, and without climbed too high of mountain, but if like we as once upon a mountain past, that on has pretty far has. exhausted has, mountain master more real less, prices your died has, has physical of also is back points things up of, local of on in above buy eat of's. 2 block money of water mountain Shang sold 10 block, small Apple 5 block a a, cucumber 7 block a root, usually drink of pure milk seems is 12 block. but also no wonder, thisYou high of place, are is porters mill burden little pick up of, also not easy. we didn't set to standard between, live of six room, bed is General of upper and lower Pu, health also also is clean, 260/people, but what also no, all of wash supplies full no. quilt feel tide whirring of, not is clean, has electric warm device can baking, hot bath is is good of, hair dryer also has, drink of water can burn. dinner is your, in Hong eat of 781 article of smelly then fish, North Sea is228... ... Anyway on live a late, also make do's, night eight o'clock more only to, morning four points more on up see Sunrise has. also cannot has too high of requirements has. make do live's. Mountain Shang temperature is big, than up in outside live account Peng, we can set to room has a bed sleep, can bath has is good has. location away from Hou mountain of cloud Valley ropeway is near.
  • jwelite
    I feel pretty good, is an independent cottage, enjoy