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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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住客评论 4065条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • E00075581
    Price is a bit high on the Hill can't
  • youyijiaren
    Big bed room is not good, mountain, ventilation, when the door was opened, the waiter explained that the air in the room,
  • janet55
    Because it is late, so the necessity of this six-room house, a narrow bed, may cause in the mountains, very fashionable.
  • anderdon
    Price your rooms are small health
  • Yanis
    Compared to Lion Grove seems to be one length, although it is a company, but regardless of which quality is not as good as lion forest, especially the front desk female glasses and unsociable. There is room too bad, Purring next door are clear.
  • e01294107
    Very good!
  • dingb007
    Conditions on the mountain, the North Sea is the best choice
  • BG4EYX
    Hotel location very good, and beauty a glance.
  • lijiang7326
    Breakfast, very good location, at the peak of the facilities need to be overcome.
  • e01416539
    Hotel quite good, facilities can, you can directly see the outside. the biggest problem is that I booked 2 days, the result has been notified of room in the Middle, it is depressing
  • samlim
    Too cold sound really bad down jacket to wear in the morning very humanity is too expensive also cannot be refunded
  • lovesmile118
    Pretty quiet, although slightly smaller facilities. is your mess, a drum roll of paper 15
  • yuyu722
    Hotel on a hill can't be helped, some Samsung standards. buffet dinner RMB 140, breakfast 70 Yuan.
  • cleome
    ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ?. ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1? ? ?
  • benbenniu2009
    Hotels in Yellowstone has been good, cost-effective. Hotel coat can meet to watch the sunrise at the time can wear. very close, not far from asking for. Nice.
  • contract
    Nearby attractions, picturesque and not too hard with kids friend first place. sunset and Sunrise need to thin coat, dinner at the hotel restaurant were too many people, you'd better get in line.
  • betty1970
    Very good hotel!
  • anliuli
    Okay, after all, is the early hotel in this mountain is good
  • pippinfu
    The true meaning of the mountain hotel., good location is the price is a bit expensive.
  • ALingA
    Room nice, from the surrounding attractions are near, and pleased to find a platform you can see the stars, the bed was wide and comfortable, the hotel's food is also very good and volume is very large, you can also shower!
  • dydwns127
    Not bad, worthy
  • casfer
    North Sea Hotel in Hou mountain, we line 6 people, just package has a room, room is small, but quilt also line. bathroom are OK, really of nothing special to said of. Mountain Shang on that several hotel, if wants to see sunrise on live North Sea. breakfast 70 Yuan a a people of buffet, than row cloud Pavilion to your many. but see Sunrise words go more than 10 more points on to place has, live other place to up good early, go good far, so also is worth of.
  • deerlolo
    In Huangshan scenic in of traffic route Shang, location very good, hotel actually up Samsung standard has, prices really too your, front desk waiter nothing on sat with playing game, room than imagine of to clean, not wet, but also is has mold taste, will had mountain Shang conditions limited, can understanding, restaurant of dish volume is big, two a people points two a dish enough has, breakfast on in outside of shop buy a chicken eggs, corn, Apple, since with some rushed of cereal or milk what, a meal down at most 20 Yuan, Offers better value than in the hotel lot, mountain scenery is very beautiful and comfortable to spend some money was worth it.
  • alei0707
    North Sea veteran hotel. at see Sunrise convenient live of, front desk attitude also line. room noise super poor, midnight was moved has Chair in corridor chat, noisy of a night didn't sleep good. are in lion forest dinner, not know North Sea taste how. but lion forest supermarket attitude too poor. summary, North Sea can select staying. Lion forest should good. see Sunrise are is convenient, standard between are has distribution free down jacket.
  • m01164481
    Ambassador Hotel, not bad.
  • cmning
    Such a high rate, really worth it, this hotel is to eat people.
  • fei_1986826
    Large room, very warm.
  • su27x
    Although it is House, facilities are complete, health condition is good, room very clean, price is little expensive, but because it is located in the Huangshan mountain, which is understandable.
  • Belinda11
    Location health standards; rooms down practical; is a good hotel to stay, especially for photography people want to shoot scenery in Huangshan Beihai hotel is one of the best choice.
  • jiaojiao816
    Log cabin for the first time, feeling great
  • e01214146
    Environment, is near from the nearby sunrise. Nice.
  • dfeng1981
    No choice
  • amigobay
    Overall good, praise
  • gby_room
    Worth recommending.
  • slowlyface
    Dawn of the living cabin, good, quite narrow, fat gay chose yo ~
  • e05067386
    This is the mountain here, the surrounding environment is good, we ran to see the sunrise in the morning, to his support alone, and hotel was built in 1953, the facility is old, the room is too small, the price is very expensive
  • Lidar3D
    Good location, see the Sunrise, convenient, but also is great!
  • adrow2001
    Hotel location better, distance mountain ropeway is near, morning to cool Taiwan see Sunrise as long as 10min around. but must at 11 o'clock yihou to handle staying, 8 points 30 around to shop of, business center left-luggage to charges, helpless carrying heavy of luggage climbing a morning. dawn log cabin is is located in hotel opposite, a row row of small log cabin is warm, but moisture more heavy, room somewhat mold taste, hot is to force, wash to a tired. relative Yu mountain Shang other accommodation, log cabinPrice is definitely high.
  • audrey80
    Price is a little expensive
  • sunsofia
    This hotel well beyond my imagination, the price was great, next time try across the lion Grove
  • NoelBabe
    Environment is very good, the service can also, highly recommended.
  • eadisisy
    From the bright 1.5 km from the hotel, is the view on the beginning of the next day, West Sea scenic attractions such as a good choice
    Soon after the cloud Valley Temple cable up to the hotel, put down our luggage and then went to see King, is easy and convenient, centering on this tour the mountains very well. Hotel 70 Yuan/person for breakfast is very good, very on top of the price value.
  • aven_647368
    Many tent at the door, so it was a bit noisy at night someone in chat window
  • biological
    Room, room was small, but warmer, hair dryer-a bit of wind, low price, so have been very happy with the easy next day off to see the sunrise.
  • Mable2010
    Very rod of four star hotel, clean, comfortable, clean, warm, ointment is room no wireless network. restaurant meals also is comfort, although your but after all food material shipped to mountain Shang not easy. hotel not provides free one-time wash supplies, also can understanding, wash set 25 Yuan also also can accept. room electric heating is warm. bath 24 hours hot is comfortable. waiter also is active, room TV received device has problem, call soon on came help solution has.We are a family of three, and son is big, big bed room, two single beds together, sleeping more than three people, a little crowded ... in short the overall value for money was very good. than on the mountains known as the five-star hotel (hotel on the day) the intensity hundredfold. highly recommended.
  • juanr
    Standard room facilities are older, bed is 1.1 meters, small, pretty expensive, but the price on the hills.
  • fangliang0527
    Beihai hotel claims to be the yellow mountain guesthouse, near the environment is really good, can't go far is the lion peak, watching the Sunrise is easy. yungu ropeway, road tours, is not far to the North Sea, in short all the way. Accommodation, you can also, coat room available, it's human nature, after all, on the mountain at night and it was pretty cold in the morning. in addition, the items you on the mountain, it is recommended that bring their own food into the mountains. (Hotels no toothpaste, toothbrush, recommended, but on the mountainEverything is picked Hill to pick up, so understandable)
  • bluetree
    Quadruple room has a very strong smell, and quilts are unable to cover short to 1.7-meter, both of which need improvement, limited our understanding of Huangshan mountain, but these two conditions should not belong to the top limit.