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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • caojw
    Hotel facilities and health very good, from mountain to discover the hotel put down our luggage, continue climbing. disadvantage is climbing is completed, need to go back to return to the hotel at night. so he was telling the truth at the Baiyun Hotel easier. but Baiyun hotel, boarded with luggage again, to eventually put down the luggage. in summary, each with advantages and disadvantages. But health and facilities of the hotel is nice and clean, and eating than other hotelsTo be expensive. Huangshan tour is very happy!
  • e03311601
    Room can't compliment, also price completely than clouds and yuping floor of rooms, even even General of people bed and breakfasts Inn also than. service personnel quality uneven, some also is good of. hotel lobby, public regional can decoration have so good so clean, four room is old dirty bad, only renovation had bathroom. Although not know standard between is what like, but Hotel show led are live of certainly impossible is didn't renovation had of room--such xianpinaifu, mean renovation costs, Do not value ordinary guests reputation here, they were despised.
  • Debate1234
    Man, don't know what's wrong, and should be pretty much satisfied
  • edwardel
    Which is very nice
  • olympic2011
    To have such accommodations in the mountains really awesome. lots of kids night in tents outside the door of the rain ran into the hotel lobby, and too tired carrying mat recommended hotel
  • casfer
    North Sea Hotel in Hou mountain, we line 6 people, just package has a room, room is small, but quilt also line. bathroom are OK, really of nothing special to said of. Mountain Shang on that several hotel, if wants to see sunrise on live North Sea. breakfast 70 Yuan a a people of buffet, than row cloud Pavilion to your many. but see Sunrise words go more than 10 more points on to place has, live other place to up good early, go good far, so also is worth of.
  • ruddy0120
    Which is very nice
  • Reacacats
    Lovely small stone house, independence is located in the cottage in the mountains, bathroom is very big, yungu ropeway up not far from here, to put our luggage and then went out to play, very convenient. hotel not far behind can see the Sunrise, not very far from the light top
  • wangsa21
    As it is!
  • snail_dou
    Poor service, poor noise. the room was so small.
  • linweiwei1983
    Old hotel, play is the name of Grandpa Deng, looks great, except for mountain yungu ropeway station outside West hotel in compared to my last stay, the poor conditions of many.
  • rabbit0001
    Nice, the rooms are very clean, and watching the Sunrise is also very convenient
  • tiffanyxie
  • auto926
    Price's 'Ambassador', but 11 year period, on top of the mountain, higher prices are also acceptable! had to say, Huangshan mountain is beautiful! sunset, sunrise glow, is beautiful, place to stay is a good, clean, quilt too warm, although a 4 room, but enough to live, room was clean.
  • Abbotttony
    Room no network!
  • caress820905
    Readiness for accommodation on the mountain, but 1263 really is not cheap, and there were bugs in the room! can only say that the General
  • jiang790704
    All right
  • e00069749
    Service waste 1
  • lby1968
    Accommodation conditions also is can of, but this of accommodation let we was pleasure of mood suddenly on down has. four room price your, environment facilities space should than six room good, loose. but we finished sunset back found housing in two Zhang bed live has four a people, also including a a male of. I suddenly on anger has. climbed has day of mountain, was to good rest of. this make have more not convenient. This pieces things, North Sea Hotel and staying of people are has responsibility. staying Shi no clear identity andNumbers. our quadruple room turned into a six-room. to stay and I want to say that people from a very early age with gender differences awareness of people who are 20 years old, had also been regarded him as a four or five year old baby do? it we finally settled, but this seriously affects our mood and the rest.
  • andy0069
    Location, facilities, prices, the mountain is a seller's market
  • belindayl
    Good to see Sunrise and sunset in place very close to, together with their two small children in the past, rooms at the hotel later, walking through the shopping around, it didn't take long before visiting several places. and from the cableway near by high summer prices are
  • dwlydxc
    Limited availability on the Huangshan mountains, especially the big bed room less. Hotel exterior and the surrounding environment are also good, room facilities is very General (City Hostel level), but it's better than sleeping in tents, and scenic no value at all. bring your own toiletries, the hotel does not provide. recommend dining next to Lion Hotel, cheaper than this.
  • paulisally
    In General.
  • beangrowers
    No toiletries, food expensive and so much more!
  • aolinsong
    As a hotel that looks very good in the mountains
  • jimmy2509
    At the top and I couldn't complain, room very small and bed was small, very old, but have hot water, air conditioning, that's good enough, 780, buying a good night's sleep!
  • eddy_j_04
    No window in the room and facilities are basic, accommodation in the mountains there is no way, nor demanding too much.
  • icesnower
    Nice room smaller, also in the mountain line.
    The North Sea the most suitable
  • lietolee
    No stay, no return and fall
  • beastlf
    Room was small, damp, musty smell
  • CY Chang fish
    Overall benefits, but there is a cockroach, the water is very large, nice
  • e01214146
    Environment, is near from the nearby sunrise. Nice.
  • cp2006
    Read some comments, felt there could be worse. really stay and found other than the bed a little hard, others can also. near to be imaginative and shixin.
  • mavis_x
  • bingdaowolf
    Very good!
  • mm0119
    Beihai hotel claims to be the yellow mountain here, watching the Sunrise is very convenient.
  • dd12590
  • lioncow06
    Rooms are small, the bedding moist, and equipment are old and service capabilities to be strengthened
  • teblis1030
    Mountain rain a bit far way from the South Gate of the wind and rain but the hotel is very nice and clean clothes wet dryer in the room
  • AngelsTale
    Rooms at the more convenient, good choice from behind the mountains.
  • nLy grunt
    Accommodation on the mountain line, in front of the scenery is very beautiful. is moisture on the Hill.
  • e00091137
    OK, after all, in the mountains, there are so nice, second stay at
  • selenaglacier
    Staff not very helpful
  • e01877545
    Yellow mountain, more expensive prices, be sure to make the online booking.
  • jennifer5586
    Mountain hotel is on the way
  • comeondavid
    Smell, on-line shop, quilt is uncomfortable, feeling wet
  • foolcat
    Hotels of very close, watching the Sunrise is very convenient and keeps the down jacket, flashlight
  • janyliao
    Very poor service at the front desk and check in half an hour no procrastination, and asked progress also said I didn't line up and bed quilts and pillows didn't change hair, then your one night worth, next time will not come again,
  • e02266497
    Surrounding environment