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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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    Price is your, room is yiqian of standard between transformation of, inside 2 a upper and lower Pu, bed more short, quilt also short, also has sat in spread, slightly a moving, on issued Tickle tickle of sound, victims have I night are can't turn, bathroom of door must to shut with, or on has pungent of taste outgoing to, because in a floor, into Access out of people many, voice is ring, sleep didn't sleep practical.
  • Free Fool
    Two quilts short, normal height enough to cover
  • e03858946
    Around environment no said, room is small, can to 299 of price staying North Sea Hotel I is very satisfaction of, is because on new year's Eve night's. no air conditioning but has heating, sheets has stains but waiter soon on for has. key is morning spent 10 minutes run Shang shixin, see has perfect of Sunrise--2015 first wisp of Sun, today happy no regrets! tour has three times Huangshan, this most satisfaction!
  • bigcow
    On the mountain, OK. Hotel Hotel was beyond expectation, morning and evening buffet meal tastes OK
  • SusanEv
    Want to say the prices high on the mountain no problem, can understand. just can't understand the 555 no WiFi in the room, staying at don't know, why don't you introduce in advance to make it clear, I feel cheated ... ... 100 hotels under the Hill has WiFi ... ... No toiletries are really, you remember to bring your own Oh. cabin sound really bad
  • camelgarfield
    A good environment, every time this
  • angelia0815
    Is a bit Jane leak, rooms are small, but in the mountains is good
  • Bonic
    Position in the core area of the North Sea, around the North Sea area is very convenient. tour the West Sea scenic area needs to go back to. environment health, room some of the tide, a bit cold at night, watching the Sunrise is very convenient and came very close to the lion peak or cool.
  • tigerxiao
    Not too comfortable quilt there is hair on the air is relatively poor, rain outside the room surges and regretted it.
  • ruddy0120
    Which is very nice
  • sevenjeff
    Great hotel and great service, especially on the top of the mountain.
  • amily9999
    Smell is very large the quilt room environment was not very good. can't sleep at all
  • erwinbayu
    Nothing, get a whole body itches silent night ...
  • ljjiao
    Wife and colleague to play live, condition good
  • M Vivian W
    By Baiyun temple mountain of good accommodation, good landscape, the rooms comfortable, to watch the sunset danxia peak, and then to watch the Sunrise Lions Peak, great!
  • VV VV
    Is near from the cloud Valley tramway, from the West Sea scenic area is also very close, very good
  • nissen
    Bed room condition is good, breakfast, room is tight
  • adestation
    All right
  • dongning45
    Dawn lived in room facilities are complete, sound is not very good, but it is acceptable.
  • jelly03
    Mountain hotel not too demanding on the water there are centipedes, see photos, and ventilation is poor, uncomfortable.
  • EnyaLee
    Very good, clean, hygienic, good environment
  • e01636075
    Only said mountain Shang land inch gold, 800 of standard between also no railway station near 80 block of hours room good, Dawn log cabin is not North Sea Hotel within, and in opposite of a row built of small log cabin, facilities crude to pole. North Sea away from Qian mountain too far, to welcome guest pine asked front desk said to 5 hours, to CI light GE to again two hours, heard Hou almost Halo past, second days is go not moving only from Hou mountain returns.
  • daomei_xiong
    Very clean, very good
  • ljllsl
    As a multiple-bed room, room was good
  • amber001
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? 8? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? 1? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • lattelee
    We is from cloud Valley ropeway mountain to hotel about half hours on to has, set of 1.8 meters of big bed results is 1.5 meters of, desk said Hotel fundamental No 1.8 meters big bed room of are is 1.5 meters of, bed small doesn't matter, key is hard bed, three late sleep down whole people was are not comfortable. Hotel aisle are is smoke taste in twos and threes of guest are in stairs mouth smoking. room noise effect poor. taps open 20 minutes above only will has hot.
  • e03164369
    Although yungu ropeway is the nearest, but still need to go a long way to get to the hotel. facilities, room was small, general sanitation. price is higher than the Spring Festival.
  • Coco the bear
    Location North. distance light top far. cabin space is unlikely. good. hot water heating was good. There is down. Next to ATM ... very convenient.
  • leybo
    Pretty good, next time is to the very good
  • B-side
    Cabin feels very interesting
  • slx98
    High performance-price ratio!
  • ai903
    The most expensive standard rooms, the oldest hotel, found the best business, almost not to
  • aixue710
    Has climbed one mountain tired hack, has a clean and warm place to rest well-being landfilled. restaurant service, such as when a row number, staff face.
  • davia
    Very good cold also worry that a March before the mountain didn't think log cabin has electric heat, each House also has extra quilts and coats (useless). cheaper price than a hotel room. in addition to the space is a little small with no difference between standard and special.
  • ford206
    room without appliances, awful service and the food.
  • lycspring
    Aufgrund seiner Lage auf dem Berg in der Huangshan-Region perfekt. Ansonsten wenig Service und überteuert.
  • Allen06
    Very old
  • am9000
    Set of quadruple, and friends traveling together, seats to find, but it is a long way to go, some small rooms, bunk beds, toilet hygiene can also bed health generally, watching the Sunrise is very convenient.
  • follin.cai
    Hotel conditions on the mountain almost forgiven, to rely on manual transport.
  • e02811804
    Distance shixin and lion peak is only half an hour's journey. for the winter months, there is a good location.
  • pally0903
    Log cabin is small, than normal room feeling, watching the Sunrise is also very convenient, poor sanitary conditions, 600 words price/performance is not high, but the conditions on the mountain are limited, is understandable.
  • Belle820
    The good location of the hotel is convenient to watch sunrise health generally, facilities were so-so, but still acceptable, service OK, but the price is a bit expensive, but may be at the top of this price. is also recommended.
  • e02266497
    Surrounding environment
  • ars Tianshan snow lotus
    The Hotel was very dirty, humid. The location is very nice.
  • Evan.J
    Which is very nice
  • beyond1102
    Hot water is very comfortable, good health, facilities need to be updated. overall feeling pretty good!
  • lena_song
    Great, so much better than I expected and everything, staff were very dry ... all in all very satisfied!
  • Jessie
    It's OK, just a bit of tide, the room is a bit dark,
  • david710928
    Poor were forced to travel
  • corp8j
    this place was ok, we shared a room with 4 others, everything is expensive on top of the mountain. its in a good location to see the sunrise