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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • DeliaX
    Also lacks picked up in the mountain. expensive, something old, but can also understand, by artificial back. 80. transportation is convenient.
  • X confidence in the X
    In Huangshan on top of this kind of accommodation is very good! opened after heating is less moist warm quilt is thick
  • will0812
    A began set of is dawn log cabin,, we a see because is a layer of built in mountain Shang, so moisture is heavy also has taste, immediately upgrade live to upstairs of double people standard between, afternoon empty with hands to climbed West Grand Canyon big beauty Ah! hotel of restaurant no online said of so your worth a mention of is, weight special foot taste is good, emblem dish taste special for young taste.
  • rainbower1031
    Hotel deserves to be national leaders live, overall is good, in the Huangshan mountain is absolutely one of the best hotels, if the landscape is absolutely the best, out square and view older restaurant a little expensive, but the portions are enough dishes are authentic!
  • Ad leader
    Very tasty little hut! but no air conditioning, no attention before, may be a bit cold in the winter. very satisfied
  • ddrryymm
    High prices, poor room.
  • blueice8511
    Very good, good location, reasonable, beds comfortable, suitable for watching the sunrise in the morning, Zambia
  • jmjvc
    Nice House, because on top of the mountain, and rain, feeling a little wave, but inside the House have central heating, so good!
  • e01175703
    Forecast probability 55 percent of Sunrise, and obscured by clouds, not seen
  • longyun508
    In General, the room is too old, but every time I go to are overcrowded
  • justincm
    Hotel bargain in the mountains, is the room is too old. musty smell
  • Wood evening
    The room is a bit expensive, I don't know why there is no bathroom
  • a51013
    Good location, very quiet and keeps the coat, meals little expensive
  • jun986
    Which is very nice.
  • lyu258
    Very nice hotel
  • e01792856
    Known as State location can also be, that is, rest for a night, unfortunately didn't see the Sunrise the next day, a white fog. hurried down the mountain the next day, near yungu ropeway
  • e00082932
    National holiday houses tension ahead of half more months set of standard between last staying Shi is inexplicable distribution has big bed room a began consultations said is double bed of full has was is angry why online set good of things due to hotel and website of background reasons let consumers pay but later also is to we for has double bed facilities also line because mountain Shang resources shortage also not hold too big expects service human attitude basic fine of is hope yihou can in open room zhiqian asked about guestViews
  • debbie718
    Which is very nice
  • D00425644
    Holiday expensive
  • e03576375
    Good hotel, good service, next time will come
  • rengle
    Good hotel, great location! very good. very easy!
  • sayuren
    Well, six human health has been very good, beds clean and tide is in the mountains, there is to suggest that people living with several partners, six people had three snoring strangers, really wanted to die, a night awake. bathroom all clean.
  • Cute_ Bunny
    Only a bad word, nothing expensive, quality is not keeping up with
  • Iris_ma
    Very good very clean, mountain high cost performance
  • msnow122
    A word sucks! room taste Super smelly
  • lovesmile118
    Pretty quiet, although slightly smaller facilities. is your mess, a drum roll of paper 15
  • lloo12
    ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ?, ? ? ?. ? 6?, ? ? ? 1? ? ? ? ?, ?, ? ? ? ? ?.
  • nancyda
    Location is very convenient, but hot water was too small, washed under the weather. dining tastes just fine.
  • liaoweber
    We is early up of, from CI cloud GE there sat of ropeway, then to welcome guest pine, again climbed Tiandu, Tiandu original road returns, then had hundred step ladder, line days, AO Yufeng, light top, again go 30 minutes to North Sea Hotel, because to has two days has rain, play of not more, second days directly to of West Grand Canyon, because driver, 2.5 hours Hou returned to hotel, go to cloud Valley ropeway down's, hotel is six room, than phenomenon of many has, independent bathroom, hair dryer machine, hotJugs, racks, sheets not changed every day, but not particularly dirty, I sleep on a bed scarf, the hotel overall is great, also have 561 bowls of noodles, two very full, but didn't see the Sunrise that unfortunately, the other was satisfactory.
  • e00211663
    There is WiFi in the lobby room very stuffy mountain after three hours to the hotels suggested once upon a time lived in the mountains of the North Sea less going back
  • e02844108
    Room without one-time items, no towels, bedding not changed a day, have no place to put luggage in the world, always feel safe, because people come and go, OK.
  • m01079238
    Not cease to amaze
  • dyingcat
    Very noisy in the morning, at four o'clock in the morning, walk and talk at the gate has been noisy, other are pretty cool
  • ellaliu118
    Landscape surrounding the hotel is very good, hot and plenty for a climbing mountain of the day for us, this is the best, and the hotel in General, scenic hotel is a little more expensive, but still very comfortable
  • artistry
    Good location, service or facility is a little old, still use the old color TV and restaurant seems on very tall, but cooking levels
  • rainy_sunny123
    Very general
  • somnusconnie
    Which knew no better accommodation conditions, it is also far from disappointed not disappointed. living mainly in order to watch the sunrise on the mountain, but the weather, 4:30 A.M. wake up to see a vast expanse, overall okay.
  • guisu83
    Very famous, services, facilities, needs to be improved.
  • landseer
    Heating limit of time, a bit cold ... good location
  • double2211
    Log cabin, cable cars still under an hour.
  • dinyf
    I can only say that should not be too high in the mountains, summer is so damp, quilts are wet
  • cooco1982
    I went to this hotel. However, because of the bad weather (Typhoon), down on the day ... don't live in. I asked the waiter asked, cancel out of the question. Anyway, really good location ... next time you want to go again.
  • cloudy617
  • JM jingni
    Sunrise is very convenient, obsolete facilities. food is expensive, but it tastes good.
  • angelia0815
    Is a bit Jane leak, rooms are small, but in the mountains is good
    In the scenic mountain, the hotel is a bit old, but the attractions are concentrated, to watch the sunrise.
  • gbmrainy
    Are satisfied with the chef's skill is perfect.
  • bertam
    Just like that ... toothbrushes are needed to buy.
  • Mable2010
    Four people travel, live in 4 people rooms, went back to the bunk of the University environment. bathing water is very hot, so very bad condition on the mountain. restaurant is more expensive, the mountains can understand.