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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • yalien
    Expensive. area, bear. wood housing, environment good, don't think about it ... come out to play, point. 790, online., 1050.
  • ceads11
    Much later this 2015.10.7 alone David 256 beds are white! it's rain, not mountain, order cannot cancel, completely out of luck
  • wangpeng535353
    Price too low!17:00 bath water on not hot, bathroom smell too unpleasant! clearly far of has network of room, WiFi also not cover! price too high, than to five-star of West! to light top also too far, than clouds Hotel! eat of also too your, no row cloud floor affordable! only desirable is waiter are than other hotel of beautiful, to service and not enthusiasm! North Sea is cattle in qualifications's! anyway yihou are not live has!
  • xx315
    Room is small, old, dank! mountain cabin, much cheaper than the average room, if you want to live a little better, or choose a room in the library!
  • lrt1995
    Environmental facilities service aspects are also good
  • cmycyl
    Are relatively good, watching the Sunrise is more convenient, the price is very reasonable
  • stefon222
    Location is convenient from the cloud Valley Temple cable car station, and easily let the earlier, sleeping NAP and then go to the peak and the lion peak, so enjoy. we live dawn of expensive accommodation in the Hotel Villa is the top lowest price, but low prices are not low quality.
  • aaa66964098
    How said does, mountain Shang conditions hard, see with pick mountain workers pick cloth grass things of on know has more hard has, each sample things are hard, so hotel room in also no too more configuration, does is, guest on live a bed and breakfasts has, day climbing climbed of is tired night early sleep has, who also care rooms of facilities and health of. like I this in mountain Shang live two late of estimated not more, mostly live a late of. Villa of hotel on this level has's, don't too high luxury, guest mention too more requirements estimatedAccount stores are not seeing the mountain hotels Huangshan Tourism Corporation, monopoly, to benefit you. Ah, tickets Tickets for the only time, down the mountain and then up again to buy a ticket, hotel on the Hill not afraid of no one. HA, monopoly is wayward. But also have an objective rating of 1, bad; hardware facilities are older, more run-down, electric kettle lid, the flashlight left shelf in the room, Windows of aluminiumGold box bad has side, carpet is dirty. especially that bathtub, eh, vintage of bathtub left with do what? also is 10 years decoration of, I not hit has also can make out space. 2, good of; bed is hard of, climbing Hou back sleep hard bed is comfortable, quilt is down was, not wet, is comfortable, pillow also for I, so sleep special good. room in of down jacket morning see Sunrise can wear, is clean. check out soon, fundamental without rounds, may waiter also too late rounds's. Restaurant business is very good, and prices are OK, three less than 200 Yuan enough to eat will have absolutely no problem in the mountains very cheap. It is regrettable that, hotel in the North Sea, my wife, tired, walk the clouds Pavilion, this stone, after a light top, worried and then went to the Jade screen scenic walk back, so had lunch at the Baiyun hotel is from the top of the light back.
  • a6002173
    Room boom, might account for the mountains, but the quilt is warm, sleep hotter hotel is to force hot water, water. but the hotel restaurant was expensive, is three to four times the normal price.
  • afei09091
    Hotel seats are the best in Huangshan scenic area. facilities, restaurants are too expensive, but are picked up manually to understand. the triple room there is no elevator, all baggage items must be carried, for the mountain people is tired, a little regret.
  • e01305054
    Hotel outside nice. the hotel is too old is a bit old
  • mingmingw
    North Sea can be, is relatively high spring prices
  • long860226
  • jaymrx
    Log cabin is not very good, the room was too small, wash products were not
  • spring_yang
    With two a more than 60 more of elderly climbed has one days mountain, can has a rest of place really good. Mountain Shang conditions limited, can has such of environment has good has, internal of catering also is compared your of, but didn't approach, are is pedal workers a step a step pick up of. away from views Sunrise and sunset of danxia peak is near, just we to of when Xia fog, early, has for quite a no see. this hotel for of route should is Hou mountain up, live a late, Qian mountain down. also has free of bigClothes to wear!
  • balancedata
    Than wrong, very clean, very comfortable.
  • allen870222
    Booked a room for my mom, my dad and sleeping in tents. six rooms of bunks, there is only one charger (? ') _ Weekend really is not cheap
  • ostfilter
    Log cabin into a smell, taste may be wood may not, anyway, uncomfortable smell, because of bugs in the mountains many window is very small, a little tight, room had no wife, only Hall, which is a bit inconvenient
  • fangacm
    Much better than had been expected, network evaluation said that bad before, but can also, just like the University accommodation. 6. burning hot water, toothbrush glass, there is hot water, toilet, hot water is the most important. have plenty of TV channels.
  • dinyf
    I can only say that should not be too high in the mountains, summer is so damp, quilts are wet
  • greatann
    Environment is very good
  • liaoweber
    We is early up of, from CI cloud GE there sat of ropeway, then to welcome guest pine, again climbed Tiandu, Tiandu original road returns, then had hundred step ladder, line days, AO Yufeng, light top, again go 30 minutes to North Sea Hotel, because to has two days has rain, play of not more, second days directly to of West Grand Canyon, because driver, 2.5 hours Hou returned to hotel, go to cloud Valley ropeway down's, hotel is six room, than phenomenon of many has, independent bathroom, hair dryer machine, hotJugs, racks, sheets not changed every day, but not particularly dirty, I sleep on a bed scarf, the hotel overall is great, also have 561 bowls of noodles, two very full, but didn't see the Sunrise that unfortunately, the other was satisfactory.
  • nancy90
    Nice, nice facilities, high price
  • luo66696
    520 Yuan district, health conditions can also have hot-water bath, renovated facility slightly old feeling the room!
  • double2211
    Log cabin, cable cars still under an hour.
  • bassclef
    True as it is but in the mountains to live so well the room very dirty dirty feeling
  • baidubaba
    Everything is fine, only the room card is bad
  • e01813945
    OK! sleep comfortably
  • judy801
    State of hotel cannot said service bad, but does no people bed and breakfasts Inn of that kind effort, live of is four people of upper and lower Pu, housing in environment good, is unlikely to, somewhat University Hostel of feel, is didn't air conditioning, a small of electric warm device also on forget their age-old love Khan wet of clothes also line, in housing in sat with also have wearing down jacket, mountain Shang of consumption your this can understanding of, buffet 1401 bit also is eat have had, most at least in climbed has day of mountain consumption many energy yihou can eat have full eat of warmIs very gratifying.
  • e02190563
    All right
  • vionent
    Too expensive-so so
  • belinda1108
    The room is not clean!
  • adestation
    Nice hotel on the Hill to remind friends to stay in the mountains, the mountains are expensive, can bring some of the best, local free!
  • Jungleball
    Accommodation on the mountain, Hall, room is carpet mildew smell
  • bingdaowolf
    Very good!
  • ferrari910
    The price on the mountain line, in order to see the sunrise.
  • Xiaoqiang ¥ @
    Such a condition is good in the mountains, watching the Sunrise is very convenient.
  • babydogcom
    Bunk bed is too firm
  • e01853940
    Climbing for the first time remember Huangshan Beihai hotel, finally came. good location will not say more, taste good restaurant. Although no dental equipment, toiletries, but housekeeping will leave. service attitude is good. many foreign guests.?
  • D00425644
    Holiday expensive
  • apann
    Room was good, is smaller than imagine, heating is not too easy, a bit cold at night, the only downside is there is no WiFi
  • wood016777
    Sanitation is good! cabin is very warm, the 51 vacation weather, first there is a great deal of rain, stay in the House for a day.
  • junjun311223
    4-bedroom, bunk beds, very crowded. on Saturday to nearly 1600. but as a place to live.
  • caseliu
    Hotel on the Hill, stay on the line, don't pay attention to so many
  • cm0724
    Pretty good
  • funfun820
    Although the hardware is not the foot of four stars, but there's nothing to be desired, expensive but also because what is to pick up the Hill, can be accepted.
  • bilem
    Good hotel, trash someone in time, good health, facilities perfect, is the bed is a bit small ... ... Bigger is better lol, in General is still worthy of the price ~ praise ~
  • cjc999
    6 persons room, bunk beds, small room, but clean
  • e01556381
    Old Hotel Nacional, location very good, yungu ropeway up not far away is, put down our luggage, easy to play, the Sunrise location is also very good, cool for 5 minutes, top is a view of sunset to light hour away, overall very good, old rooms facilities, was also very good in the mountains, in short, well, need early booking of the season!
  • jdsrj
    So so