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Huangshan Beihai Hotel, beihai is located in the Beihai scenic area with an altitude of 1630 meters. It was built in 1958 and belongs to Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The hotel is close to Gongyang mountain, Shizi peak in front, Shixin peak on the right and Danxia peak on the left. It is a hotel with excellent geographical location to watch sunrise and sunset, enjoy the sea of clouds and pines, and browse the beautiful scenery of Huangshan Mountain.
Beihai Hotel is the reception unit of Huangshan scenic area. After several times of reconstruction and expansion, the hotel is composed of Sanhua jingshe, main building, Gongyang villa, Shuguang wooden house and No.8 building. It covers an area of 26.6 mu, with a building area of 15982 square meters. It has more than 200 rooms of various room types, which can meet the needs of guests of different consumption levels.
The hotel has two large restaurants. The restaurant on the second floor is mainly responsible for ordering and self-service. The restaurant on the first floor is mainly responsible for team reception, which can accommodate about 500 people at the same time. The hotel has two large boxes, which can be placed with long tables for dining. There are five other boxes of different grades, and the box round table can seat 22 people. The hotel's catering is mainly based on authentic Hui cuisine, which is made from Huangshan local raw materials, forming the characteristic food of Beihai Hotel.
As the main government reception unit in the scenic area, the hotel has received many party and state leaders, domestic and foreign dignitaries and celebrities over the years, and its high-quality service has been widely praised. Over the years, the hotel has won many honorary titles, such as 'top 10 tourism star hotels in Anhui Province', 'Star Hotels with integrity and quality', 'Chinese brand hotels', 'evergreen historical classic hotels', 'excellent star hotels', 'golden leaf green tourism hotels', etc., and has achieved excellent results in all kinds of evaluation of provinces, cities and scenic spots“ Climb Huangshan to enjoy the wonderful scenery, live in Beihai and enjoy the service of state guests. '.
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FAQs when booking at Huangshan Beihai Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from Huangshan Airport?

    Huangshan Beihai Hotel is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does Huangshan Beihai Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Huangshan Beihai Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Huangshan Beihai Hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Beihai Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Huangshan Beihai Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Beihai Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Beihai Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Huangshan Beihai Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • What's the price of breakfast? When is the supply time?

    Breakfast is a buffet breakfast, RMB 60 / person. Serving time is 6: 30-10: 00.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Huangshan Beihai Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny1140, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Is the hotel on the top of the mountain?

    The hotel is located on the top of Huangshan Mountain. You can only take the climbing ropeway or walk uphill. The ropeway is open every day from 07: 30-16: 00.

  • Which cableway is the closest to the hotel? How far does it take to walk from the ropeway to the hotel?

    Cloud Valley Ropeway. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. It takes about half an hour from the ropeway to the hotel.

Reviews more
  • eleganceyuyu
    The hygiene is poor, the service is poor, and the security quality is the worst. It is recommended that the hotel give more training to teach the security guard how to speak. There is no distinction between high and low occupations, but there is no difference in personality. They don't know how to respect others. Others don't think highly of you. The guest politely said hello, excuse me... The security guard was impatient, pointed at it, asked again, and shouted at the old man... It's time to go back and rebuild.
  • ypwei010
    The price of the room on the top of the mountain is still hot. The moisture is so heavy that I barely sleep all night. Breakfast is 70. Fortunately, I brought my own instant noodles.
  • g19999
    Poor, there are hotels that don't process dishes. According to his price, they can't provide materials by themselves, wonderful
  • Junjunbaby
    Very good, considerate service.. Top. fabulous
  • nLy grunt
    The accommodation on the mountain is OK, and the scenery at the door is very beautiful. There is a lot of moisture on the mountain.
  • cicisun
    When I went there, I knew that the dawn cabin was on the hillside opposite the main building of the hotel, about 50 meters, row by row. In my husband's words, it was a simple house, which was far from the Japanese cabin I imagined. But the price is cheap in the hotels in Huangshan! The room has thin walls and no sound insulation at all. The single bed is also the smallest hotel I have ever stayed in. To be honest, I'd like to spend one or two hundred more to live in a building.
  • eddie_lv
    Hotel garbage: the service was lax and slack. The reservation department admitted receiving the order, but forgot to hand it over to the front desk. It turned into no room for check-in and no refund. It took nearly two hours to check-in, but there was no apology; There are several kinds of insects in the room, which have a musty smell. Compared with the surrounding Xihai and Shilin, they are old but expensive; Maybe he thought he had received toads and was superior to others
  • jennifer1989105
    The location is good. It's convenient to watch the sunrise, but the room is too small and the quilt is a little damp
    At the peak price, the rooms and facilities are quite good. They can be compared with the seven days in the second and third tier cities. They are clean. Due to the geographical location and the surrounding woods, they are very humid. The hotel in the room provides 2 pieces of down jacket for free, which looks clean.
  • anmenrytina
    Beihai Hotel has an excellent geographical location. It is convenient to watch the sunrise in the morning. The environmental sanitation is very good. That is, there is no wireless network in the room and there is a network in the hall. After watching the sunrise in the morning, soak a bowl of instant noodles with the hot water at the front desk in the hall and charge 5 yuan for a bowl of hot water. I don't think it's reasonable.
  • luboupc
    It's very good. I've been struggling for a long time. It pays off
  • FTTrip
    OK, the mountain hotel is basically the same
  • e00134235
    It's OK. It's a little bit beyond expectation on the mountain. You can't ask too much!
  • dengyangamy
    very good
  • asnowdoll
    excellent! It's a good feeling to live on the mountain. It's better to recommend dawning house than to live in a hotel!
  • e02245920
    Satisfied, recommended!
  • a287716561
    The considerate landlady turned on the heating before we arrived at the inn. As soon as we entered the house, we were warm all over. Maybe it's because of the off-season. The shopkeeper only opened three rooms. The building next door is being renovated. It's very noisy in the morning, but tourists usually get up early. The inn is located in the center of Hongcun village. It's about 6 or 7 minutes' walk from the gate to the inn. It's a very ordinary inn. It's worth recommending.
  • wingss
    It's a small room. The wooden room has poor sound insulation. Everything else is very good.
  • e02688146
    It's very close to the hotel from the corridor of Yungu temple. You can put down your luggage first and travel light. The wooden house is very clean. The hot water is not very hot during the day, but it's very good at night. The hotel's dishes are well prepared, the price is expensive, but the portion is enough. Two dishes ordered by two people are enough, and they have to pack. Generally speaking, they are very satisfied. They will choose here next time.
  • e05380022
    Good location
  • landseer
    The heating time is limited, it's a little cold.. the geographical location is good
  • Bibiana_lau
    It's convenient to watch sunrise and dreambrush flower scenic spots
  • cyy_r
    Everything on the mountain is hard won, so it's very expensive
  • CC tree
    The hotel facilities and services are very general, and the scenery nearby is really square
  • avanworld
    This condition on the mountain will not be evaluated
  • ruyinbby718
    The environment is elegant and the service is considerate, but it's still some time away from the top
  • Loren_LCL
    The hotels where leaders have stayed have no major problems in all aspects, but they are not good. It's not far from the cable car station. You can put your luggage before playing after going up the mountain. This has advantages, but it will also take a few kilometers back. In addition, I booked a room with many people in separate bathrooms, which is a bit like the upper and lower bunks of the university dormitory, but there is an independent bathroom to take a shower, and the environmental sanitation is much better than the dormitory. The only drawback is that I need to fight my character. Three of the six people in the same room sleep and snore, and I got a move
  • fianna
    Average →_ → on the mountain, that's it
  • tanya005
    It's not bad. There's hot water
  • e00001231
    The price of the restaurant is very enjoyable
  • AItanyinlan
    You can't be too particular about living in the mountains. That's all right. Full marks.
  • e00176540
    I ordered it for someone else
  • Ginaruru
    Independent wooden house, very feeling
  • maryano
    Very small, very small, but on the mountain, it can only be so
  • dljcls
    Not bad. It's expensive
  • bluesun
    The environment is good, the service is considerate, there are free flashlights and down jackets, only five minutes away from the cooling table to watch the sunrise, and the set meal tastes good
  • biodoctor
    The conditions on the mountain can't be picky either. I feel old. I can ask the front desk for toiletries. The 140 yuan buffet is too boring.
  • junjun311223
    Four people, upper and lower bunks, very crowded. It's nearly 1600 on Saturday. But it's a place to live.
  • jimmy2509
    On the top of the mountain, I can't be picky. The room is very small, the bed is small, and the facilities are very old, but there is hot water and hair dryer. It's already very good. 780 yuan, buy a good sleep!
  • MAX Min
    They booked it for their parents. They traveled alone across the province for the first time after retirement. They planned their trip in advance. The hotel has complete facilities, clean and hygienic, and the off-season price is reasonable. The hotel also provides down jackets. Their parents are very satisfied.
  • albertcao
    This trip, Huangshan Mountain is very good, but the price is a little high, but it's worth having a good time!
    The location is convenient. The landscape of my room is also very good, but there is a lot of dirt in my room
  • MANBU163
    The service was very considerate
  • faceway
    It's expensive. I love my purse
  • Leaf morning
    The hotel environment is very good, but the standard room of the dawn wooden house we live in is close to the opposite mountain. The air in the wooden house is a little stale. Other things are OK. There are charges for heating and toothbrush. Eating in the hotel is a little expensive, but it's basically the same on the mountain. After all, resources come up from the foot of the mountain. It's understandable
  • jiji_0325
    The hotel facilities and services are very good, the stay is very comfortable, and it is very convenient to watch the sunrise. It's just that the location of the hotel is a little awkward. In order to go to the Xihai Grand Canyon and tiantiandufeng. We crossed the bright top twice. You know, it's a mountain road! It is suggested that friends who live in Beihai should stay in the hotel after visiting Tiandu peak, Guangming top and Grand Canyon on the former mountain, and go down the mountain directly from the back mountain the next day.
  • teblis1030
    It rained on the day of going up the mountain. It's a little far from the south gate. It's stormy all the way, but the hotel is still very good. There's a dryer in the room when the clothes are wet
  • ALEX11776035
    See Yi, stay in the room starting with 8 characters,
  • Eric.FANG
    The environment is good. It's close to Yungu cableway in Houshan. But the sanitation is poor. The room is small and cold. The electric heater is not easy to use. In a word, not very satisfied. Think about camping next time. At least I think my sleeping bag is cleaner than the 1000 yuan hotel.
  • lsd19921123
    It's not very good. The house price is 1269 yuan a night, which is worse than the usual room of 269 yuan at home. Without toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo, I will never live in the future. I'd rather bring my own tent. It must be better than Beihai Hotel.
  • anson li
    The environment is very good, and there are many scenic spots nearby
  • leolorraine
    Because it's at the top of the mountain, the scenery is pretty good. Overall, it's OK
  • annie_1986
    The hotel facilities are good. There are not many kinds of buffet
  • LucasYao
    The location of the top of the mountain is good, which is convenient for watching sunrise and sunset, and the service is good.
  • arfa9812
    not bad
  • bigvincn
  • elsa_guxm
    The surrounding environment is good, the shower water is large, and the quilt is a little moldy. The whole wooden house structure, bungalow and small room are convenient to watch the sunrise.
  • cami1981
    Amazing location at Beihai! Super close to Xihai Grand Canyon. Room was exceptionally clean. Ample bedding. Great bathroom. Shower and toilet separate. TP provided, although should probably give you more than 2 rolls for 6 women. Heating controlled by you. TV. Mugs and kettle for tea. As mentioned on various websites, there are no towels or toiletries provided. Also, we got a massage and the masseuse asked for a tip, which is unheard of in China, and unprofessional. The buffet was expensive (140) but the food was good, contrary to what I've read elsewhere. Water is pricey (8 RMB) as are other snacks on top of the mountain, so get essentials before you ascend.
  • Bloodiness
    Old facilities, mediocre service
  • star_star_star
    Very good. I really like the recommendation
  • rejdue
    High cost performance
  • a_lang22
    The location is good. It's cost-effective. It's not far from the cableway and sunrise.
  • rlysile
    Located in the center of Huangshan Mountain, you can visit Shixin peak and Xihai from Yungu cableway mountain in the morning. It's a good choice to stay in the hotel and play Qianshan the next day. The hotel has good facilities. The next day, Lion Peak looked at the sunrise. It was very close.
  • sisisi
    Yes, it's a little expensive!
  • GoInDown
    That's better than the hotel. If I go again, I'll call you garbage
  • wangsa21
    That's it!
  • sceraj
    In September, the price was OK and the accommodation was ok, but the environment was poor with insects and mice
  • NancyWang1
    As far as the mountains are concerned, it's still good
  • Francyang
    The route is correct. I'm just tired. First, find Beihai. The room is good~~~~
  • mini820304
    Meals are a little expensive
  • guoyuan0530
    The location is very good, but the room is not soundproof. The people living together are too noisy. It's warm. The quilt is more comfortable than the one I use.
  • e00218988
    I didn't go to live at all. I didn't care what I called in advance. In a word, I can't modify and unsubscribe. It's shameless. I actually said that I had a deal. What's the meaning of making this money without conscience
  • e00013060
    The bed is really small, hot water has to be put for a long time, the price is really expensive. But it's better than I thought
  • ai wun
    Good environment!
  • lj19821201
    It's OK on the mountain
  • crystalliyu
    Not bad