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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • abbiiiii
    Beautiful surroundings, large room, toilet pan, beddings simple, if at a level below 100 Yuan
  • Andy Ju
    Very nice cabin, is the prices are higher.
  • alang74
    Expensive---like a college dormitory
  • Oriental
    Price made it, of course, not to say that. room although some congestion, heating, TV, lights, jugs, cups have. of course, only just didn't wash, bath towels, and need to bring your own. six people one can talk, make friends, it's good. six-Member or travel
  • e02567546
    Room is small, old, the price is not low, so why West, and lion forest, there are clouds blocks are booked, or have a house in the North Sea. but don't want to worry about business.
  • germanyou
    Staying in the mountains, very convenient. weeks go, not many people
  • majunli001
    Scenic hotel, the surrounding environment is very good, facilities good.
  • loveradio2011
    This hotel states its a 4* but from what I saw it is no where near this level. We booked dorm rooms which were clean and had most of what you needed by all the accommodation was just all a bit old and tatty. No towels provided either which meant another thing you have to lug up the mountain. Staff in the reception were friendly but when we sat in the empty seating area at the front of the hotel we were made to feel very unwelcome as we did not want to buy a drink there. A cup of tea was 30RMB. If the cafe/seating area had been busy then of course we would have either bought something or moved but there was seating for 30 and we were the only ones sat there. The other cafe in the hotel of course had lots of people smoking there so we didn't want to sit there. The worst part by far though was the service in the restaurant. We were shown to a table then nobody came to take our order for maybe 10 minutes. We eventually called over a waitress if she would mind taking our order and she looked down her nose at us and sighed as if we were a huge inconvenience to her evening. She then took our order, didn't say a word, but grunted and huffed after every item we ordered. She then sighed again, rolled her eyes and walked off. We have been in China for 2 months and this is by far the worst service we have ever had - everyone else (even at really cheap places) have been great. I actually don't think I have actually ever encountered such a rude waitress anywhere before. There's limited choice at the top of the mountain so maybe you will book this place anyway, but just don't expect a 4* hotel. The prices in the restaurant are also really high, so if you are on a budget then take a pot noodle up and use the kettle in the room. You can buy these up here in the shack opposite the entrance to the hotel, but they are 40 RMB (normally 4RMB). If you do eat in the restaurant, be aware that the portion sizes are big so don't over order.
  • e02668070
    The hotel smells, linen quilts are a bit wet! anyway, no mountain clean!
  • daliancn
    In a Word, good
  • laisybaobao
    Free go to Huangshan, choose accommodation in the mountains of course preferred
  • Ella227
    A musty smell, and we do not want to go hiking in the morning the next day, resting in your room, the waiter comes knocking, did not check out until 12 o'clock, eight o'clock we go drunk! good or stay at a hotel inside
  • MANBU163
    Okay, you up the mountain is of course
  • afat4435
    That's good
  • lafeilu
    The conditions on the mountain are embarrassed, musty smell in the room
  • olympic2011
    To have such accommodations in the mountains really awesome. lots of kids night in tents outside the door of the rain ran into the hotel lobby, and too tired carrying mat recommended hotel
  • Reacacats
    Lovely small stone house, independence is located in the cottage in the mountains, bathroom is very big, yungu ropeway up not far from here, to put our luggage and then went out to play, very convenient. hotel not far behind can see the Sunrise, not very far from the light top
  • ryan918
    In the mountains can have such conditions were quite good, the bath water is very big and very hot, pretty expensive meal, but experienced potters supplies is not easy, feeling you are right, 70 Yuan a buffet breakfast on the mountain belongs to the high cost of
  • GuoNingJin
    All right
  • liuwailam
    OK, that is too expensive.
  • stanna
    Hotel location is very good, convenient to see the sunrise in the morning, making a bowl of instant noodles in the Hall is charged 5 Yuan on hot water costs, too dark.
  • collidexiong
    Good price, good location, great view
  • B-L-G
    Exclusive, can do such specification, is still very good.
  • e01040978
    Good location, bedding, bed very hard
  • jiejiefiona
    Location is fine, but there is a lot of walking back ... room was clean, no air conditioning, and cool night, thick quilt, bed hard and uncomfortable.
  • njlangu
    Distance from the ropeway is a little, older people walk past tired. rooms have air conditioning, clean, bath water hot ... fair prices, high cost performance.
  • d02979203
    But nothing can choose hotel on Huangshan will not choose this, expensive and not clean, small rooms, poor service ... bad, bad, carpets dirty, heater not to force
  • xedward_w
    Mountain hotel is always conditional on the General, but service was good. sheets a little dirty, recommended bring pajamas. without any toiletries, toothbrushes or, be sure to remember.
  • bobby983
  • jnparadise
    Friend some free rooms at the Beihai hotel, small rooms, health in General, watching the Sunrise room was very convenient to go out 15 minutes older
  • fff9liu
    Hotel should say so high above sea level is the price can be
  • avmengmeng
    Several hotels on the hills not far away, conditions are similar. generally satisfactory, especially the connecting rooms suitable for family stay.
  • liliy
    OK, overall satisfaction, better than expected
  • soLady
    800 four-person rooms, bunk. have hot-water showers but no towel, no toiletries. dark Plaid bedding see the dirty smell. only provide WiFi in the lobby, but not seats. to save money in order to see the Sunrise but the choice.
  • e03269134
  • figoleee
    Hotel good, room is unlikely to, but sheets health, push window is Huangshan beauty, air cool cool. has boil water of hot kettle and one-time slippers, also has two pieces down jacket. to environmental, no one-time toilet supplies, needed since with. Hotel away from Hou mountain cloud ancient temple ropeway not far, half hours more is on can to, if with elderly and children climbing, to in mountain Shang live a late, recommended staying North Sea Hotel, second days go not moving can in near play play then original road returns. door is views King Taiwan, Be imaginative places. can see the sunrise and sunset. could see the stars at night in the mountains, really worth staying, although a little expensive, but definitely worth it.
  • nissin1234
    For this non-typical hotel, actually fundamental care social how evaluation. staying dawn log cabin, a late 600, zhiqian continuous rain half more months, room is wet, feel quilt can twist water, not ventilation of bathroom on more alone has! thanks to day out Sun, Brainwave put quilt towel all took out outside of roof drying. anyway, don't Dang himself is live hotel, find tablets bed had a night is has, also than tent!
  • DJ babe
    Good in General, distances the light is a bit far from the back roads near
  • alexia_yu
    Location is very good, though wooden did not feel cold, and cloud-a bit compared to the ping, but as the cloud Ping House is newly renovated, extenuating circumstances.
  • Eric_man
    We stayed in a wooden house room. It has quite acceptable comfort. Not 4-star, sure. Bed is hard. Bed linen seemed to be clean but very old, and little bit smaller than blanket. Bathroom has nice flow of hot water. But smells (so dont forget to close the door). Heating device was powerful enough for autumn (not sure for winter). And really no sound isolation do TV in the next room hadnt allow us to sleep until turned off (why do they provide TV in such kind of room?). Anyway, location is good, views are wonderful.
  • iisic
    Half a month in advance to the room were lucky. check up the mountain from the cloud Valley Temple, can lighten our luggage walked out after the first day of the trip, very good.
  • luotuo64
    Room great location window is shixin hotel location is OK but somewhat weaker compared with several other hotels outside the hotel restaurant taste good is a big tent platforms are also has a small clinic drug has blockbuster good overall service
  • antmos
    On top of the yellow mountain, and good location. good health. next time stay
  • DoVepAn
    A lot better than we think, very clean, shower water pressure is enough, cool without air conditioning in the mountains at night, because the House is wooden, noise is a bit poor
  • cinddyy20
    Hotel is very dirty, the room also has a lot of small insects, the taste is very heavy! worth four stars!
  • e02688146
    Up from the cloud Valley Temple Hall is close to the hotel, you can put down our luggage, travel, log cabin is very clean, hot water is not too hot during the day, evening well, hotel food good, expensive, but very adequate, two point two is enough, and packaging, are satisfied with the overall, next time I go to select here.
  • bytbyt
    North Sea Hotel distance cloud Valley ropeway is near, hotel General facilities also is good of, just I set of is new floor 2.2 meters of big bed room, how bed just 1.5 meters of bed? mountain Shang eat of compared your, vegetarian basically 40 block above a disc, but dish volume than more, dish are is porters pick to hotel of, also hard of. the climbing just encountered snow, landscape is beauty, room of not happy are offset has.
  • claudioit
    Not very good
  • f59172
    Hotel location is very good, can't walk down yungu ropeway will come to the hotel, very near, very convenient, placed a heavy baggage can go out to play, the hotel has been very good in the mountains.
  • e02771562
    The lion's peak position on the edge of the hotel, from the sea monkey view close, not far from shixin and light top, near the dawn of the Pavilion should be a good position to watch the sunrise ... is a pity, we went to two consecutive days of heavy fog. friends wish good luck to see the sunrise and clouds.