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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • cloverxly
    Rooms are small, but the bathroom, hot water, good.
  • Godwn
    Okay, a pave 260
  • icecream1206
    Nice environment! facilities is also good
  • c603971
    Nice facilities, but the room was scattered, buffet is slightly expensive.
  • xby98
    Yes, all the negatives mentioned in other reviews are mostly true. But the fact that you can stay on top of the mountain for the night and all the awesomeness that provides, completely outweighs the minor inconveniences of the hotels flaws. It was worth every overpriced penny to not have to go down the cableway and hangout on top and wake up for the sunrise.A no brainer to stay here.
  • jing2guo
  • sisisi
    Yes, a bit pricey!
  • Canonbond
    Never thought I would get was satisfied with this hotel is mainly convenient cable and not far from main area
  • enid1133
    Very happy with friends and family.
  • ntwyy
    Standard rooms on the mountain have been good, this price there is no toothbrush is regret, others can!
  • insda
    Huangshan mountain scenery, the hotel, price is very expensive! no way, tourist places out of play money, who does not kill kill!
  • juanyong5
    Which is very nice
  • Califo
    Introduce real stub photos is still very large, focusing on the travel scene is not too picky
  • e02323018
    Four rooms, rooms very small tides, taste, carpet is not recommended, damp and dirty, but so be it in the mountains.
  • mirra
    Things you on the mountain, but the quadruple room is so bad, covers all musty and smelly feet smell, it's raining outside, only rain into the window, close the window airtight, no air conditioning, no racks, very, very small, on the whole, still prefer the soup for two days, the mountain was disgusting
  • colorjoe
    hotel had too many issues and others were much better for the same price
  • e03842624
    So so
  • e00082932
    National holiday houses tension ahead of half more months set of standard between last staying Shi is inexplicable distribution has big bed room a began consultations said is double bed of full has was is angry why online set good of things due to hotel and website of background reasons let consumers pay but later also is to we for has double bed facilities also line because mountain Shang resources shortage also not hold too big expects service human attitude basic fine of is hope yihou can in open room zhiqian asked about guestViews
  • perry1951
    Although the hotel is very old, but there are still trappings, is filled with pictures of the leaders of ... If the weather is fine, you can stay for two nights on the mountain, from the mountain, West of the North Sea or cloud is a good choice.
  • Netscafe
    At the top, nice!
  • lily81930
    Live in the light House, Hill didn't expect any good condition but the hot water you need? only takes a cold shower ... Almost a cold
  • lxyno0
    Good condition, is the golden week is a little expensive
  • andysen
    Room was small, affordable to eat, but dining is too expensive, the surrounding environment is really good, this time you can see Sunrise and sunset
  • rabbit0001
    Nice, the rooms are very clean, and watching the Sunrise is also very convenient
  • augleo
    Well, just a bit noisy on the first floor, watching the Sunrise, climbing back washed with hot water, very comfortable
  • simon9898
    Room very good very good very good is not bad breakfast
  • AmandaTseng
    Special beauty of the surrounding scenery, you can watch the Sunrise!
  • AnnaMai
    Beihai hotel doesn't deserve 4-star rating at all. The receptionist is not friendly, very rude and not helpful. I arrived at 4pm, no one is available to process the check-in. I had to come back at 4.30. The room smells and the bed is super thin. Will not come back in the future. 4-star status. Front desk staff are rude, talk like a curse. rooms that smell, don't even have towels, mattresses very thin. stay when my 4 points this afternoon, they say no formalities, 4.3., I will not come back.
  • claraguo
    Hotel on a hill, it's OK.
  • meteory
    The old rooms facilities, but in the area, you can view the sunset on the evening, early in the morning to watch the Sunrise, beautiful.
  • iPadXIII
    A trip to Huangshan trip people in embarrassing ways, but landscape does not
  • e01792856
    Known as State location can also be, that is, rest for a night, unfortunately didn't see the Sunrise the next day, a white fog. hurried down the mountain the next day, near yungu ropeway
  • brian0908
    Running out of room, so another three beds, low beds. and standard rooms in the same building, and convenient.
  • lxl224
    Hotel location alone, away from dawn Pavilion is near, if weather looks Sunrise didn't said. as facilities sorry 6,001 late of price, is crude, because damp door of switch are somewhat effort, hardware need maintenance, and to has only know dawn log cabin is not North Sea Hotel inside. health situation can't compliment, but zhiqian see on hotel health clean of video, also is has psychological prepared, a article towel solution bathroom of all corner. can understanding by mountain special geographic articleLimit, the higher the price acceptable, but health cannot be ignored.
  • Abbotttony
    Room no network!
  • cai60
    Hotel in the mountains in the North Sea, our party of 4 people booked 2 standard rooms. beside environmental well.
  • dennywinny
    All the same hilltop hotel, your normal, but the food at that restaurant you can not accept, a pork 100+
  • acent
    I do not know whether the mountains the hotel so it, facilities very poor
  • anny_pan
    Hut is also quite the way. prepared two hotels for each bed quilt, very intimate.
  • sergiow
    Hotel location is very good, easy to see the Sunrise, is too expensive, there is no bathroom and air-conditioning ~
  • dd12590
  • cy123321
    Clean tidy good location hotel in front of the hotel in the morning you can watch the Sunrise
  • joyce_gxj
    Hotel Hotel Nacional, a very good environment, from the mountain after a relatively close, Chinese restaurant on the first floor while the price is high, but tastes good, weight is enough, praise!
  • apple97
    Good location, facilities, service, the mountain you know, sanitary hot water bath, you feel good.
  • belwj
    A little expensive, compared to prices in terms of facilities! next time!
  • babbyslove
    Nice hotel on the Hill, today the weather is nice, pleasant
  • finallylee
    Next time will not choose North Sea, recommended hotels in West side
  • gavin988
    Very good experience, personally think far better than home., clean, comfortable, and also specially arranged a room prior to arrival, let us wash, next time I go to live here!
  • jxc8875
    Although prices are higher, but location and surrounding environment is still relatively good, cable cars up close, especially suitable for luggage more visitors. Interior is a little old, overall can be recommended.
  • Ann2010323
    Huangshan is acceptable after all above conditions cannot be the same as requested under the mountain