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Huangshan Beihai Hotel is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • elaine_
    This pays well. is to many people a bit noisy, but very cheap.
    The service was pretty minimal from the front desk. Usual lack of any extra help we have found in most hotels in China. Helpful but only if you push and ask the questions, no offer of help independently. Prefer to play on phones :)
  • Simon brothers
    Good location, convenient to the attractions in the vicinity. is an old hotel, nice facilities. November night on the Hill a bit cold room electrical heating equipment.
  • long4321
  • Alic Yu
    Light from behind the mountain hotel is located in the top of the pass, is the oldest hotel in the mountains, only to view accommodation for one night in early the next day, the four of us lived the four upper and lower beds (730), not a compliment, small, dark, and, of course, standard room suite is the three-star standard, on the top of the hotel were able to understand.
  • VVAN990317
    Excessively expensive, poor service and atmosphere
  • manman0919
    Yes, Nice.
  • maryanco
    From the cloud Valley near cable cars, watching the Sunrise is very convenient
  • mingmar
    Health conditions are bad, it will not go
  • deguang
    OK book not good room
  • e00256241
    North Sea Hotel, clean, introduction, 6 room slightly explicit crowded is, but than imagine in the of good many, bath of water special good, day climbed finished mountain wash a hot bath special comfortable, bed and quilt no imagine in the of tide, in mountain Shang also is than mountain Xia of to wet tide is, if special fear cold of people recommends can in quilt Riga a clothes or that warm baby what! General for, regardless of is live of also is around of views are very good!
  • beginer2001
    Nothing to be desired in this condition
  • lijinlp
    Rooms are small, the facility is old, musty
  • simpletige
    Four-person shop, walk four. health, older Hotel changed.
  • tina6
    The poor
  • bamiluo
    Very small, health, generally will stay one more night in Huangshan, it would be.
  • annie10000
    Good! recommended! cool Sunrise is beautiful?
  • paipai
    To the hope hotel, feeling is your overall environment, facilities, health and good, bed was very comfortable, sheet cleaning is pick pick to wash down the Hill, services, check out very quickly, more foreigners live. Hateful rooms across a gang of orbital **, 1 o'clock in the morning dozens of men took turns in a wash room, sorting equipment, boiling water, instant noodles, whole until 2:30 in here! Finished at 7 o'clock in the morning dozens of men beganToss until 10 o'clock noon! didn't rest well to them alive, the most exasperating is heard the door within 10 hours, compared to more than 10 years to hear more!
  • e339912
    Room a unit mold taste, part paint off, sheets seems not a guest a for, because we live of when, peer of two bit feel to a share feet taste. whole room only a fan Windows was seal died, this fan only of Windows next seems is a restaurant, staying day of night until 22 o'clock around, also has seems playing mahjong and people loud talk of voice. bathroom bath of place, if is body slightly full is of people, even body are cannot turned. call toHotel service center requirements increased four a pillow, because hotel provides of pillow is short is thin, results told we this hotel no this items service. staying of room also not provides wireless network. we staying of room hardware facilities and software service even Huangshan feet of General farm LEDU than. with we to Huangshan first days staying of with price room of yuping floor hotel (regardless of is hardware and software), difference 108,000 in. North Sea Hotel in we staying of this day in, to I ofNothing comes across as national leaders lived in the hotel. may our rooms a lower price (8,001 night), so we have access to those services.
  • DDM555
    Good in every way, is the blunt restaurant service, food is not doing very good, watching the Sunrise is stronger than another hotel at the entrance, but there is also a mountain blocking, see the Sun was already high, room not very good
  • awei100
    Just expensive. facility is old and service is not good
  • dongle0267
    That's good
  • nanadamao
    Hotel was good but don't have good service .
  • fu_jianping
    Winter and students 2 a people with to of Huangshan, from cloud ancient temple ropeway (Hou mountain) Shang of, Saturday mountain descendants pour not more, from ropeway to North Sea Hotel walk almost half more hours, four a people squeeze a between double bed standard between, price instead than live while dormitories high! in mountain Shang is good of conditions has, is some furniture are is old has.
  • goodpolo
  • e00056714
    Location is good, just mist is too big, what you don't see.
  • prclyb
    ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • floraliucn
    Many people, clutter
  • e_may_may_may
    Never seen such a bad room, little houses, poor health, poor facilities. said to dawn house is just opposite the hotel covers the rows of bungalows, said the Deluxe and standard rooms that the reality is completely different from pictures bad reviews.
  • jiangweimama
    Satisfaction is expensive.
  • jason619
    In the mountains, the environment. are expensive holidays.
  • e03311601
    Room can't compliment, also price completely than clouds and yuping floor of rooms, even even General of people bed and breakfasts Inn also than. service personnel quality uneven, some also is good of. hotel lobby, public regional can decoration have so good so clean, four room is old dirty bad, only renovation had bathroom. Although not know standard between is what like, but Hotel show led are live of certainly impossible is didn't renovation had of room--such xianpinaifu, mean renovation costs, Do not value ordinary guests reputation here, they were despised.
  • CR201
    Environmental health service
  • JC0913
    Hotel is very good, standard be changed. beds are relatively light top accommodation on the first day was so much better
  • lumino
    In Tarzan resisted had with grade of hotel, so didn't reported too big hope, but results surprised I of imagine. room is unlikely to but is clean, facilities also compared new, hot is good, climbing Hou rushed have is comfortable. restaurant your but can accept, after all is pick mountain workers little pick up of. dish volume big, a three mouth points a meat a pigment a soup enough eat full. no one-time wash supplies needed since with.
  • cyy_r
    All hard in the mountains, so is very expensive
  • rany516
    Scenery around the hotel is very good
  • lois1209
    At the hotel is actually built shack on a hillside outside, have central heating, no WiFi, very bad soundproofing, heard overnight near a grunt ...
  • pxf2000
    Couldn't ask for more in the top, no toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and other necessities have
  • xuwenyuan881230
    Nice hotel facilities in General, feeling old, good service attitude.
  • Aimpoint
    Very good, clean and comfortable, breakfast very good, so eager to guide our way, so we were able to go is not the wrong way, location is good, is a good location for Sunrise, but it was cloudy in the morning didn't look at sunrise, good luck!
  • xuanlos
  • bennben
    Dinner is a word you! But in the mountains it is out. Down jacket free of charge in room
  • bearc
    Good location, clean bedding. 50 to build hotels, can maintain this level is really good. is twice times the other nearby restaurants restaurant price, but taste good, the key is half cold and half hot, don't know if it's cooked in advance and then heated in the microwave oven.
  • sunrise0128
    Due to the quadruple bunk, hardware is OK, but you can't control and you live, last snore you awake. Hao lives over more than 700 rooms
  • lannie
    Good location, environment and diet I
  • e01301144
    Room was small, but very nice. the main bathroom door massage is not convenient, the other can also
  • cepf2005
    Hotel in the mountains in the North Sea, environment is good, room comfortable and clean, room wardrobe free down jacket, went out early in the morning to watch the sunrise. but cool to watch the sunrise.
  • mac_ams
    Have lived is the second hotel in the North Sea, from the North Sea, the hotel is convenient for the nearby famous attractions are, basically can be reached in a few minutes on foot, very good, also have a good facility, on top of the level.
  • Scottfeng
    Xiao GUI, but can understand, on top of a mountain to build a hotel easy? also, eating not as unbearable as some people say, like our family 2 meat dishes, vegetarian meals, probably more than 240 Yuan, I feel very good ... tastes good.