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Huangshan's Beihai Hotel (Beihai Binguan) is a popular 4-star hotel extremely well located for those wishing to watch the sun set or rise from the mountain's Eastern step.
This Huangshan hotel has standard rooms and suites that come equipped with all the standard up-to-date amenities.

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  • Bai Shi music
    Prices are a little expensive, but clean, all attractions are easy, Lai weight foot, dining hall, was specially prepared for the climbing of it?
  • jt0708
    Really expensive, monopoly, shixin, lion peak are very close, you can go to the lion peak, cool, Dawn Pavilion to watch the Sunrise, it is convenient to, there were two down in the morning is cold
  • Alicedd
    During vacation, but book in advance, or at noon to hear quite a few people come to the consultation is not., good location from mountains soon after, save the package easy to play, the hotel right in front of the scenery very beautiful.
  • jeosen
    A good environment, facilities are old and service. higher prices.
  • gungun
    Is, after all, old hotel just a few decades ago, which sets older at a glance, carpet was dirty, the waiter was unsmiling, unsociable, and hotel prices more than 3 people to eat more than 300, more expensive, and hotel uniform does not sell instant noodles in the supermarket, tourist or bring your own, or eat the hotel restaurant. These are software, services and settings, and so on has a lot of room to improve. Location is very good, light top, lion peakComparison sites.
  • e00022622
    No air conditioning! no toiletries! room! more than more than 700 bucks, has never lived such a poor room!
  • redmango
    A rip-off
  • cindy20012001
    Live had zhihou only know, selected North Sea Hotel is most wise of decided, we decided in mountain Shang live a night, began wants to set clouds hotel, results hesitated between on all set finished, found North Sea also has standard between, quickly set Shang, no longer hesitated. from cloud Valley ropeway up by identifies arrow go to North Sea Hotel, down luggage about 2:30 around, a pedestrian to has West Grand Canyon, has been go to bottom, again do Range Rover car Shang light top, finished sunset, 6 points 50 around began back North Sea binThe Museum, to the hotel for dinner at around 8. very well, very well. not tired. best place to watch the Sunrise the next day.
  • jane20040821
    Top of Huangshan hotel, in addition to price meet don't know which points in line with a four-star hotel standards, located in the location was good, in front of the hotel you can see the Sunrise
  • blue ice
    Well, well, other than the price, the rest is good,
  • daiyimei383
    Very clean, hot water fast and is not handing your luggage upstairs?
  • jamic
    Said outside the hotel room log cabin ... Equipment is poor, in the mountains!
  • xinyue_ge
    Location is good, room is a bit old ... but no wet feeling in the room, very good!
  • ljxia
    Beautiful scenery, is a holiday break with a choice
  • aminaibrar
    Hotels in mountain, very unique. rooms small beds, quilts have a musty, tourism occupancy are okay, after all, beautiful scenery.
  • Eros6827
    It's OK,
  • ervei
    Staff werent particulary helpful but the dorm rooms are the cheapest place to stay on the summit and theyre clean with nice bathrooms. Great location for watching sunrise and sunset but the rooms can be cold and damp. Not really any communal space for meeting others which makes it difficult for solo travellers.
  • nini05
    On top of the mountain environment and conditions for good, not far from watching the Sunrise, rooms are small but it is, after all, a single room, clean, also have central heating.
  • cxy603
    All right
  • cunmt
    Hotel location is very good, is located in the center of Huangshan scenic area. to Huangshan attractions very easy. features simple and comfortable ... indoor has a down jacket to wear to see the sunrise in the morning. This is very thoughtful. praise one!
  • AMan_ye
    Great! I haven't lived in the dormitory!
  • stella870731
    The location was excellent, the door is to be imaginative, is the narrow point, also recommended increased room heater, drying clothes.
    Room too small, others very well.
  • firecloud
    Good location, near the scenic area in the North Sea, watching the sunrise and sunset, the lion peak are not too far away, although the listing is four stars, but old facilities, service very good!
  • brenda1011
    Nothing to say, other General, hilltop hotel also lacks a good selection
  • WT8181668
    Front desk hostess attitude is very bad and not less than 11 points to check, but luggage storage service is also a great place, holiday prices are too expensive.
  • connieplc
    Due to this cold weather in the mountains, mist provides glimmers of log cabin was a little disappointed, the room is too small! have a musty, hot water away from the main building are also not hot! Hotel improvements, summer may be good!
  • catgan
    Hotel is well located, fully equipped, highly recommended.
  • cnmdj
    Down from the cloud Temple ropeway can be reached within 1 hour, just ahead of scheduled routes, we go a lot of places. the hotel offers electric kettle, hair dryer, slippers, hot bath. restaurant expensive and unpalatable, requirements should not be too high on the Hill, barely worthy of 780 price!
  • E03549804
    Good location, the surrounding scenery is good. but bullying, 300 beds and no Windows, you can't live.
  • cooco1982
    I went to this hotel. However, because of the bad weather (Typhoon), down on the day ... don't live in. I asked the waiter asked, cancel out of the question. Anyway, really good location ... next time you want to go again.
  • Jasmin-S
    Set of dawn big bed room room is small quilt has moisture these are can understanding can room of quilt are dirty of yellow has also has a unit taste although also more prepared has a bed quilt I can said also miserable did Blue has into black blue has bed Shang pad flocculation also can ignored regardless of has a word thin two a word giant thin sleep used has soft again sleep this morning up whole people are bad has? anyway very not satisfaction of once select five points words up playing a points also is toHis convenient location and next to the beautiful scenery has nothing to do with the hotel
  • robustus
    Good location, distance from the sea monkey view Curie hotel about 15 minutes. eat only eat, not eating well.
  • LGA123
    Well, it's pretty well from the light very close to the top, the environment, health and good.
  • brian3600
    Baiyun Hotel? good da place
  • jadeyu919
    Here a good
  • coco698
    Air conditioning in room did not see, although big bed room, but the feeling is not a 1.8x2 bed, too small. bathroom shower was Chong, is very good, provides the table early, well, enough to eat.
  • caress820905
    Readiness for accommodation on the mountain, but 1263 really is not cheap, and there were bugs in the room! can only say that the General
  • fl1213
    Room was very clean, meals are more expensive, by staff to the SI hotel reservation after 80 Yuan a person filling, two hotels are a 5-minute walk apart. dish more. 8 Yuan a bottle mineral water, Apple 5 Yuan each.
  • m01367726
    Hotel location is good, away from tramway station not far, gently pine pine on go to has, may is mountain Shang best select has. this live of is five floor landscape room, window that is mountain, is beautiful. restaurant not is your, volume more, per capita hundred Yuan upper and lower, as simple points in 50 also can get, breakfast although somewhat your, varieties not is less has, to to mountain Shang of price to measure. only insufficient of is downstairs of kitchen, in dinner time dry sound somewhat big, but you also in restaurant well.
  • e00034765
    Okay, prices above are too powerful in Huangshan scenic area
  • fudingjun
    House prices really expensive, dawn house is not good, very moist, very stuffy, lots of ants.
  • luoru2004
    It's OK
  • eileen_ue
    And we think it's great
  • minori
    1000 Yuan above of hotel standard between, no price, but in mountain Shang, also is weekend of price, is such of's. room clean degree than imagine in the good, do had smoke-free processing, didn't smoke taste, satisfaction. hot sufficient, free of washing supplies. restaurant of buffet good, 140 Yuan a bit. breakfast 70 Yuan a bit, may to have too late, nothing delicious of has, tofu brain is metamorphic of. location for, so more mountain Shang of hotel Hotel, North Sea undoubtedly is location bestHotels and places of interest around a lot, wonderfully right outside the gate, just 40 minutes light on top ... not far from the cloud Valley Temple cable.
  • jmirror
    Health services in the hotel good location very good trip to Huangshan scenic spot ideal places to stay
  • cdwangj22
    Environment, live very comfortable, although bed, but small and bathroom was very clean, beds are clean, scanning the water and electricity supply, convenient to the cool and watch the Sunrise
  • biodoctor
    Conditions on the mountain can't be picky, feeling old and toiletries can ask the front desk to 140 Yuan buffet too was cheating.
  • bingo1208
    Clean, suitable for early spring time, neither hot nor cold