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A total of 750 million passenger trips are expected to be made on railways across China in the summer of 2021, which will be launched on July 1

Date: 2021-06-30

The 2021 railway summer travel season officially kicked off on July 1 and will end on August 31.

July 1, 2021 railway summer travel officially kicked off, the end of August 31, a total of 62 days. During the summer rush, 750 million trips are expected to be made by railways across China, roughly the same as in 2019, with nearly 14 million trips expected on peak days.

Wang group, head of the department of transportation is introduced, ShuYun period, students, visiting relatives, tourism flows flows travel demand, such as railway departments adhere to passenger demand as the guide, using 12306 data analysis, grasp the rule of passenger flow, accurate implementation of a figure "1", continuously optimize the passenger products supply, improve service quality, efforts to let passenger travel experience is better.

One is to accurately increase the supply of transport capacity. On the basis of the basic train operation map, the government will open an additional 100 temporary passenger trains from Yichang east to Shanghai Hongqiao, Xi 'an north to Qingdao west, and extend seven passenger train sections from Jinan west to Hunchun, Changsha south to Shanghai Hongqiao, and Guiyang north to Wuhan, mainly to meet the needs of summer tourism. According to the "Railway 12306" ticket pre-sale and standby ticket purchase, increase the transport capacity accurately and flexibly, and open more passenger trains in the popular direction and line in time to dynamically meet the needs of passengers. We will make full use of the advantages of the high-speed rail network and arrange the reconnection of bullet trains. We will intensify the operation of general speed passenger trains, improve the efficiency of the use of vehicles, and put additional vehicles on trains between major cities, especially those bound for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to effectively increase passenger seats. We will continue to run public welfare slow trains to serve people, young and old, in border areas.

Second, we will continue to improve service quality. We will earnestly implement basic services such as bedding spare parts, environmental hygiene and catering supply, and vigorously advocate attentive and personalized services to further improve service quality. In view of the increasing number of children in summer vacation, we should strengthen the use of nursing rooms and children's entertainment facilities, and earnestly care for the travel of children. Enhance reservation services for the elderly, young, sick, disabled, pregnant and other key passengers, enrich service contents, and provide assistance and guidance throughout the whole process. Traditional service channels, such as manual services and cash ticket purchases, will be maintained to ensure the smooth travel of the elderly and those who are off the Internet. Continue to optimize the business passenger services, provide special security channels, exclusive waiting area, special guide in and out of the station and other services. In view of emergencies affecting train delays, we will strengthen information dissemination and passenger-oriented information services.

Third, we will ensure safe and smooth railway transport during the flood season. We will continue to give top priority to the safety of high-speed railways and passenger trains. We will strictly implement the system of guarding key flood control locations during the flood season and guarding them in the rain. We will change some passenger trains running in mountainous areas from night to day, limit their speed, or suspend service, so as to take proactive measures to avoid danger. Strengthen the safety inspection of stations and trains, the organization of passenger health, emergency counseling, public security management and other work to ensure the safety and order of passengers.